Life is hard for 4v4 ranked players (solo queue)

It is possible that the reason why I am not experiencing any disconnects from anyone in my games is because I usually play ranked and to get to my elo it would be nearly impossible with half of the games disconnected.

Me and a friend sometimes have problems late into a 2v2 vs ai game, where it starts lagging for us, and one of can get disconnected from it, but it might take like 5 minutes to tell you you’ve been disconnected. It’ll tell the other player still in the game, but will just show you a frozen game, that you can still navigate around.

This is a separate problem which me and my friends quite often have. Only appears in multiplayer versus AIs.

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I already said it is about team games. It is about all players in the game. So if one player dropped, it will count as a drop for that game.

90% of all games are fine.

Really?? I just don’t believe it sorry, not from my experience. Perhaps you live in Brazil, next to the infamous server?

This is really my experience. My biggest issue with team games are all the noobs i have to deal with. With 1v1 it is really your strength vs strength of opponent. But for team games ratings are inflated and you also have to deal with allies. Some are pretty stupid…

Brasil is far away for me.

So you’re saying that in the last 20 games you played, you only observed disconnects in 2 of them, and that the other 18 had no players disconnect??

What is your elo? At ~2100 elo games I’m experiencing a lot of queue time and random people disconnecting. And lately I’m being pretty unlucky, most of the times is from my team lol…

Well it’s 4v4 I’m talking about so if 1 of the 8 people drops it ruins everything, sadly.

That is correct.

Crazy. Well that’s not been my experience at all, and same with alot of other people. You must be doing something right without knowing it :S

I have had a look at my servers of the last ranked team games. Almost non of them are on Brasil. Just only 1-2. So that defenitely helps.

I dont know why too many team games end up on the Brasil server. To me this seems like some bad server assignment of the game. I think there is something wrong with the algorithm behind picking a server for team games, which forces too many games to the Brasil server. I really think the devs need to look in that issue. I fully agree with that point. Every crash is a crash too much. I think everyone that play team games has some (one or more) of the following issues:

  1. Frequently desyncs / crashes / …
  2. Inbalanced matches because team ratings are not reiable (ratings are inflated, even some 2.0k players are noobs, … ). See Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues

The devs have to fix both issues.

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I get one of the other 7 players disconnected in ranked 4v4 like once out every 2-3 games.
I get frozen and disconnected myself like once every 15-20 games. So it seems consistent, and random. Doesn’t seem to be a player with a bad connection, but rather a random disconnect to all players at a comparable rate.
Hence I don’t believe that at higher ELO it improves…

My experience of the frequency of this issue is about the exact same as yours i.e. every 2 or 3 games someone dcs out of the other 7 players, whilst I myself dc about every 15-20 games.

I don’t have this issue on any other game. Literally none except for AoE2 DE.

Still an issue on the newest build 39284, multiple times match found, then it just shows error failed to join match.

easy fix, just remove the Brazil server from premises.

Agree the servers are a complete mess. All my games since patch have been with bad ping aka brazil. Unplayable. When i ask most people are from europe, some korean, etc. No brazil. Sick of this ■■■■■■ performance.

Are any of you getting this “match found: establishing connection” screen with a dotted circle which revolves around before the match starts???

I never had that before the patch update.

I got even stuck one time. Still cycling around after 1 minute. Still no connection… I couldnt even quit the game. I had to Alt + F4 to close the game.

I feel like it should do what Overwatch does, if someone DC’s in the first say, minute or two of the game, then they lose elo and the game aborts.

Every patch the game becomes more and more unplayable? The drops continue and now the stuttering.

And for some evil reason in the last 10 drops 8 were someone from my team… Thank you god of RNG!

Trying to play 3v3 instead of 4v4 is not helping…