Light Cavalry (or eagle) For MESO

I believe meso needs a raiding unit that only costs food like light cavalry. It should be fast with moderate or low attack.


Maybe, Xolotl Warrior shouldn’t cost gold?

What do u think?


No, they are already overly powerful and we don’t need to buff them even further.


I actually like the general idea of adding a hussar replacement for mesos.
It’s the main reason I don’t like mesos, this is just missing. It’s just such an essential part of the game to me.

It’s because meso civs just never really fit into this game and had to be improvised in.

Somebody’s salltyy

Responding to OP, I don’t think they need a raiding unit since EW fit this role fairly well


Could be a concept for a new Meso UU if we’re lucky enough to get another one.


It’s ok. I don’t like the mesos for this very reason.

But alot of other people do. I don’t feel the mesos need to changed to suit MY tastes. Let other people have theirs. I have my favorite civ. And luckily there’s so many to choose from now. Leave the mesos as they are.


This idea I like. Weaker but Trash Eagles from a brand new civ.


Maybe a Coyote runner

Eagle line is a substitute for scout and knights both so do we need another unit?

If as a uu for a 4th meso civi id rather see a skirmisher unit than a foot scout.

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problem is, when gold runs out, mesos are slow

That is the same for any civi depending on gold is it not.

There are many civs without good Hussars that face the same problem.

Even Malay LC/ teutonic scout comes handy at times