Lightning mode issues

Lightning mode needs a higher caravan build limit because if a game lasts long enough that all gold on the map is gone it causes huge balance issues with military because you have gold issues for making troops with such a small caravan build limit.

Zeus and Hades can keep making a lot of Minotaur which cost just Food and Favor when picking Athena to advance into Age II and Poseidon with Cyclops from going Ares. Ra and Isis can keep making Sphinx from going Bast and Set with Anubite from going Anubis.

Norse only have Mountain Giants and Valkyrie myth units that cost Food and Favor but can’t keep making them because of favor issues in a long drawn out game that need regular units fighting. Atlanteans only have Behemoth as a Food and Favor costing myth unit so they are in trouble as well.

Please increase caravan build limit in Lightning mode I want to be able to play comp stomps and not have to always go Greek or Egyptian in that mode to be able to keep making units.