Like it, and see the potential, but...what's missing in AoE4

Long time RTS player, like many here.
These are features that I consider ESSENTIAL.

-Customization of hotkeys and extra mouse buttons (this is the TRUE GAME BREAKER, and non negotiable. Not having the ability to add/remove/adjust the hotkeys/mouse buttons is a serious problem for the game’s longevity and competitive play)

-Further zoom out (sorry Devs, for my resolution —2560x1440—the way the game is now, it’s not even close to what it needs to be so that I can see my units and base). Yes, I read that you made it zoom further out, but I honestly see no difference from the closed beta zoom.

-Ability to disable the TC bell (seriously! this is such an annoyance)

-Flags/waypoint markers when I shift click for my scout or units to travel.

-Scores (yes, I read WHY you didnt include them, but I totally disagree, and would like to have the option at least)

-Ability to select villagers when click “boxing”, instead of military, and military instead of villagers. As it is now is ridiculous

-Ballistics tech in castle, making it possible to dodge mangonels/onagers and arrows…or at the very least make them a bit less accurate. As it is now, the arrows are just deadly every time.

The hotkeys and the zoom are MUST HAVES, and game breakers in my opinion.
Played the closed beta A LOT, didnt play the stress test much as the hotkeys kills it for me.
Yes, I’ll still buy the game, but only because YOU MUST see the logic of adding hotkey customizing, and will include it at some point. If not? Well…you got my $60, and I appreciate your work on this potentially enjoyable game, but it’s not worth playing, at least competitively, without the hotkey adjustments (my hands just dont work like the grid system you have installed).

that’s my 2 cents.


If you want score and Castle Age ballistics here’s the game you’re looking for: Age of Empires II.


Wow, such an inspiring take. Guess no one should post on this forum and go play AoE2 instead.

Anyway, to the main post, I completely agree about hotkeys. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to adjust hotkeys to the way you like things. There’s a ton of things they could include as options that can be toggled, but have chosen not to for one reason or another.

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Well, i have to give it a point here.

  • Arrows do fall down too fast in game.
  • Homing arrows belong to our era, we call it missile and they expode on on proximity/impact.
  • The more far the arrow is trown, less it is acurate because of wind/rain/humidity.
  • On a batlefield, Archer never fire at same target, they fire in voley (all fire in same direction, at the same horizontal angle and vertical angle) or they fire at will, to a close target that receave the most damage.
  • Crossbow are short distence arrow and are suposed to hit fast and deadly, you can’t dodge crossbow.

hotkeys are how we play competitively. Each individual should have the option to play with the controls that best suit their style/skill set.

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Such a lazy way to construct your discussion. I may not agree with all of what he said but that does not mean it is invalid. Hopefully the dev do not have this mindset.

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It’s because it’s been discussed plenty of times throughout the forum. The developer already stated they won’t have score as they believe is an outdated mechanic that gives free info and discourages scouting.
As to ballistics, for the 100th time, this is AoE IV, not AoE II remake.

Yes hopefully we get them.

I disagree here, score should only be visible on replays and spectator mode.

They had a “smart selection” option but im pretty sure it just didn’t work in the beta.

You can already do this.