Limit certain units or buildings?

Is it possible to limit the amount of, for example bombards to 5 And towers to 12 ?

Thanks in advance

Yes. For units go to sbps\races\desired race\squad_requirement_ext\requirement_table and add required_squad, then set these values:
include_child_pbgs = True
include_parent_pbgs = True
max_squad_cap = 5 (or whatever value you want to limit them to)
reason = usage
squad_name = your_tuning_pack\sbps\races\whichever race\unit_bombard_4_whichever race
ui_name = You can only have 5 Bombards on the battlefield. (or whatever message you want to display once the player has reached the limit)

For buildings I do not know how to do this. Maybe the same thing in ebps\requirements?

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For building, apply the Chinese Building example