Limit certain units or buildings?

Is it possible to limit the amount of, for example bombards to 5 And towers to 12 ?

Thanks in advance

Yes. For units go to sbps\races\desired race\squad_requirement_ext\requirement_table and add required_squad, then set these values:
include_child_pbgs = True
include_parent_pbgs = True
max_squad_cap = 5 (or whatever value you want to limit them to)
reason = usage
squad_name = your_tuning_pack\sbps\races\whichever race\unit_bombard_4_whichever race
ui_name = You can only have 5 Bombards on the battlefield. (or whatever message you want to display once the player has reached the limit)

For buildings I do not know how to do this. Maybe the same thing in ebps\requirements?


For building, apply the Chinese Building example

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Cool! Thanks for the info.

Wow! Thank you so much, this works like a charm! :smile:

Where do you get those informations? Is there any additional documentary out there, or is the AOE made version the only one? These are quite core infos and extremly usefull to know. Thanks again, you helped me and many others a lot!

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thank you for the additional building solution! :blush:

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