Line of sight for tartar trebs too low

i cant believe this hasent been adressed but the line of sight for tartar trebs is lower then their range. this results in trebs that wont fire until you send units to the buildings you wana attack super easy fix and crazy that timurid siegecraft doesent give more line of sight like every other range upgrade in the game


Make this a bug report instead.

I’ve heard somewhere that Tatar trebs have the maximal LOS possible in the game’s engine, it couldn’t be increased any further.

I’m pretty sure that they can increase it just fine if they want (I mean a higher range than 20 is possible so why not a higher LoS?) They should also make it so that the Ethiopian team bonus can let outposts and towers have more LoS even after town patrol.


I haven’t done any test on this, but theoretically they should always see the target they want to shoot at since the maximum line of sight is 20.

Regular Trebuchets have 16 range and 19 LoS. With Siege Engineers this extends to 17 range and 20 LoS.
Tatars with Timurid Siegecraft can go up to 19 range, but since the maximum LoS is 20, it won’t increas any further.
It’s the same problem for Ethiopian Outposts in Imperial Age with Town Patrol for example (12+4+4+3 still caps at 20).

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