Linux/MacOS compatibility or offline LAN play?

I know there have been previous remarks on the topic. But I just wanted to get my voice heard as well as I’m really hoping for the development crew to listen to us.

Age of Empires 2, even the HD version on steam, works flawlessly on mac and linux using wine. I’ve no doubt that we in the community will somehow make this possible for the Definitive Edition as well. The main issue will be if multiplayer connection is too integrated in the windows world.

Could you consider adding a local LAN play possibility? Direct ip connection to the host without any requirements of connections to windows store servers or the likes of that. This would open up a possibility of not definitively exclude all of us using mac/linux from playing.

Jjust send me a message if you need anything tested in a linux environment =)

Thank you for refreshing an awesome game btw!

They don’t hear voices, they only hear the sounds of money.
The developers only hear and follow orders from Microsoft.
LAN was possibly in the original but if they want remove or get Features for Xbox Live, they will do.

LAN will be possible, however it seems that they still want each person to have an account. I was hoping you could add 2 other players as a guest account that can only play multiplayer LAN.