List 13 bug I found, with screenshots!


1: “Advanced Dock” wrong message, its damage +50% in actual game, but it shows ‘+100% damage’

2: Indian “Advanced Dock” mistake. it gives +100% damage and 50% heal work rate, different with other countries.

3: Mapuche Ironwood Clubman: Their rate of fire in melee combat is 3 second, which makes them extremely weak.

4: Germans Band of Landsknecht mercenaries: Compare it with Swedes card, Germans card does not give extra unit as it promised.

4 5
5: Germans 7 Cows card does not updated to 7 semi-fattened cows like any other countries.

6 7
6: Swedes 'Assassin’ card is in age 2, while same card in any other countries is in age 3.

7: Chinese ‘team improved warship’ card become much weak, but do not get normal ‘improved warship’ card, which makes them extremely weak in Naval battle. Similar problem with Lakota.

8: French Imp middle guard tech is moved to Age 4, but in tech tree it still in age 3.

9: Aztec Warchief’s new skill: Who is the “nobles”? Why Warchief himself is not, but Warrior Priest is regarded as “nobles?”

10: About Hungarians: Only Ottomans Hungarians get best Magyar Hussar (800hp 45 atk), Germans and Russians Hungarians can not train Magyar Hussar like Ottomans, and their Magyar Hussar is weak since they do not have veteran/guard upgrade.

11: Hungarian Grenadier is weak. They do not get any upgrade.

12: Peruvian region still use their gun in many situation, not grenade attack.

13: Bolivar does not have attack bonus to shock infantry.