List of additions/improvements I would like to see in the game:

  1. Possibility of changing teams in the middle of the match (as in Age 2);
  2. AI being able to create tributary quests in-game to change diplomacy, like in Age 2;
  3. Option to limit the maximum age of a match;
  4. Being able to select Random map before the match;
  5. Being able to choose random civilization before the match;
  6. Being able to choose colors before the match;
  7. Handicap (percentage, positive or negative) for AI/Player, as in Age 3;
  8. The addition of some sort of reaction to workers when attacked, which could be fleeing, seeking shelter or fighting;
  9. New trees should appear and grow slowly, always keeping a minimum distance from buildings;

For now these are the changes I would most like to see in the game. As I get new ideas, I plan to expand this list.
Comment on any changes you would like to see, if I agree I can add them to my list.

Thank you very much for your attention. Have a good game.


Just aded a thing that i always wanted to see in Age games.

  1. New trees should appear and grow slowly, always keeping a minimum distance from buildings;
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I would like very much the addition of this kind of map, witch i think is a very fun map to play.
10. The addition of coastal maps - half continental map, and the other half being sea, with islands of different sizes scattered across it;

  1. The option to exit the game directly to Windows.

Sometimes you just need to exit the game quickly.

Remove over damage like in sc2.
150 archers shot on 1 spear-man… i hate this.
In sc2 unit target other unit if actual target will die. So 10 tank don’t shot in 1 zergling.
The best way if distance units take random target in range and not the closest.


Better graphics for water and sea battles. Sea looks worse than AoE 3. Well, RELIC has never done a good water look in terms of graphics.


I think that would be too strong for crossbows and hand cannons, with that change even horsemen wouldn’t able to counter them in big numbers.

I agree with you, mate, and will add it to my list. Thanks for the contribution.
12. Remove over damage from ranged units, like in SC2.


That’s why game feels weird, I knew something was wrong then archers were hitting just 1 unit, this is a bad design it feels stupid, player should be the one deciding if you want to focus a unit or let the unit attack random base of distance, every day I found more reasons to stop playing this game, every day I regret my buy, I wish I could refund it

tree growth is stupid, as you never need. You should go to new tree lines and build new TCs and send soldiers to protect. If you think you can stay at one place and play this game then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Also is it too much to build a new TC?

Managing Wood mill distance, relocating, finding new lines is all part of RTS gameplay, with tree growth it will be gone.

Resources in this game overflow by Feudal age, tree growth and infinite resources are not needed in AOE4

You are the one who is supposed to react villagers getting attacked, if you are not making them seek shelters or building outposts for them while gathering gold and stuff, then it’s pointless.

Both these suggestion feel like you want to automate the game and play for you, so why not just watch replay of other players?

Thank you for your considerations, man.
However I disagree with them, of course, and I don’t think my proposals would make the game automate, it would just make more sense than seeing your workers slaughtered while being attacked by enemy soldiers.
As for trees, try to leave a small piece of land uncleaned for a period of one year. If you do, you will find that the vegetation grows quickly and, if left alone, will return to its original state.

I already like this game and I believe that, with the contribution of the community, this game will become much better.

  1. Treaty mode, treasures, joining walls to allies, climate changes, day/night cycles, trade routes (a mix from previous posts I have just read)

nope it doesn’t most game don’t even go above feudal or castle. So this is pointless. The tree growth is against AOE philosophy. Treaty mode, handicap all are there in AOE 2, so pretty sure they will come to AOE 4 in future.

Thank you for your colaboration, man.

I like the idea of Treaty mode, joining walls with allies, climate changes and day/night cycles.
But i never liked the trade routes (like in Age 3) idea, it was one of the worst features of Age 3, along with Longbow archers sharing the same scenário with Trains.

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  1. More variaty of animals, like in Age of Mithology;

Alt+f4 already does this

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Some longer games maps simply run out of trees.

I agree with the tree growth but maybe it take 20 mins for new trees to grow and be harvestable, so that by the time maps run out of wood, if the games go that long, forests would have regrown.

This is especially true for water maps that go for a long time.

Not sure I agree with your take on tree growth being against aoe philosophy which is what exactly? Allow you to generate infinite gold so you have to break your finger holding down s to buy wood at the market?


Thank you very much for the TIP, man. I will try it in my next game.

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Yeah, man, the tree regrow feature would be very usefull in water maps, in witch woods are essencial, as ships use tons of the material.
Agree with you, 20 min apears to be a good time for a tree to reach full size.

Agree, the game already give us the possibility of infinite food and gold, i cant see why infinite wood would be against AOE philosophy.

Thank you for the contribution, man.

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  1. Wild animals should reproduce slowly;

Wild animals reproduce in nature, so the game should have some mechanick to simulate it. It should be limited to a number per area.

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