List of bugs that I've discovered

Game : AoE2DE, Steam, Update 35584, Version 101.101.35584.0 4714640

Hello, these past few weeks, I’ve been keeping tracks of bugs I encounter, and writing them down in notepad in a simple way. And every time a patch comes out I test to see if they are fixed and remove some from the list. All of these bugs are still in the current patch. Some are on the known bug list, but most aren’t

I didn’t feel the need to post these bugs as separate threads, cos most are pretty simple issues, and easy to reproduce. I apologize if poor formatting, not used to forums.

General Gameplay Bugs

1. After ordering units to attack a specific enemy, sometimes they will just attack the nearest thing close instead. (it’s already a known bug so I am only mentioning it, also it seems it’s fixed and will arrive in new patch)

2. Sometimes villagers bug out and can’t build/work on a diagonally placed Palisade/Stone Gate unless you delete the gate and try again. (saw it talked about in few places but didn’t see it acknowledged)

  • In order to reproduce this, easiest way is to open up a game and place like 20-30 diagonally placed palisade gates, tell villagers to build and you are bound to encounter at one point that the villager doesn’t wanna start building the gate, with the only solution to delete and place the gate again.

3. Market buttons have a delay to unlock - if you have market selected, and you suddenly gain resources to buy/sell something you previously couldn’t, the buy/sell button doesn’t become available(it’s grayed out) until you re-select the market. (This one’s a completely unknown bug, as I didn’t see it posted anywhere)

  • To reproduce, open scenario editor, set your resources to 0, place a market and 10 villagers + mining camp on gold mine, launch scenario.
  • Tell the villagers to mine gold and then select a market and just stay on it. Let’s say price to buy food is 120 gold(for example). The moment your villagers gather 120 or more gold, your market button to buy food will still be grayed out, unless you re-select your market.

4. Unit icons are only displayed in blue color instead of in specific player’s team color.

  • I’ve seen some people mention this, but it seems it’s not in anyone’s priority to fix… I don’t understand why this simple coloring of icons was removed in the Definitive Edition.

Singleplayer Bugs

  1. Art of War Challenges: (saw them mentioned in few places, this should be an easy fix)
  • Booming Challenge: only unlocks Imperial age when you make a Castle
  • Rushing the Enemy Challenge: starts counting the kills only after first 3 kills, so u need 8 instead of 5
  1. Sometimes, in singleplayer game still starts as Coastal no matter what you select.

  2. Sometimes game crashes in singleplayer when you lose internet connection.

  • This one confuses me. If we have internet problems we should be able to play the game in singleplayer, without any dangers of crashes related to internet, but the game actually crashes after turning off internet (not 100% of the time, so it’s somehow weird to locate the issue)
  • tested in singleplayer by intentionally turning off my internet, and after some seconds i got the following errror:
    aoe2de_s.exe - system error
    exception processing message 0xc0000005 Parameters
    0x7fffba672d58 0x7fffba672d58 0x7fffba672d58 0x7fffba672d58


  1. Lobby Browser resets all the filters you set when switching between the “Spectate Games” and “Lobby Browser”.

  2. A player’s “Best Civ” on the Profile Page is bugged and seems to just show the civ you last won with in MP.