List of bugs - Updated 23.November

  • Horses are teleporting on wall while they go through the stone gate, very weird

  • unpacking building with mongols sometimes not work - random villager is in the building site, so i must go back find out where the problem is and repeat unpack again.

  • my game in multi crashed after i deleted 30 villagers
    many military been recruted in one time, pleas add feature to join multi game again, it will be very usefull anyway even if it becomes system failure

  • The villagers not protect themself while wolf attacking them, they will still chop, mime farm, until they die and repeat to next villager. Its hillarious and bad

  • Next bug is here Age of Empries IV INSANE Delhi Hack - YouTube


  • my soldiers was stuck in building, when i was destroyed unpacking enemy TC with torches (the screenshots is corrupted, its not game fault)

  • my siege units even ram cant pass through ally gate, that was absolutly ruin my game sorry

  • I was mining gold while neutral (defeated) enemy attacking with archers my villagers, i was got castle next to them but turrets in castle ignore that. So, make game to target soldiers even if player surrender still like enemy.

  • I got game on microsoft store and after patch it restored my controll settings, hopefuly not the game progress, pleas fix.

And final, its my suggestion, can you make in replay mode some timeline so i can skip to where the problem in my game is?
How i can report problem, when i cant skip to problematic game time to screenshot where the problem is.
I hope you understand my english lol, I probably forgot something but I’ll add it


Hey there - can you elaborate on these?

When you crashed after deleting the 30 villagers, have you tried this again and it happened again?

No, i was got experience only one time with this bug, but i watch some streamers and they game crashed sometimes too in random time.

also the mangonel cannot pass trough wooden gates, same with trebuchets. in one map like mediterranean the fish spots made a unconsistent “spark” when the fishes made his jump animation in water. also in arabia or all the maps too many relics, i found 12 of them


Updated 22. November

did the devs acknowledge these in the tracking list?

Nein, but i hope. I was find tons of bugs by playing game, its just my experience, so i was posted them here and hope they do something with this. I will be happy if anyone of reading this post hit heart button.

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the same bug I encounter : unit stuck in destroyed building

they are tracking on it.