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THe multiplayer rooms ave dozens of bugs with them, what follows is a small list of those I had this weekend alone. List can also be found on steam. It would be nice if someone actually bothered looking at these because they lead to a lot of games not starting, failing, failure to fill the rooms because of these issues.

Note all of these are concerning scenario maps :

  • Starting a multiplayer game instead starts a single player game. Once a lobby is filled we start a game and sometimes it turns out to be a single player game, every player in the lobby has this and starts a single player offline game on the map. It is not with certain maps, its a general issue. You can usually notice this because instead of the normal screen where you wait until all players are loaded you load directly into the game.
  • Not all players are visible in the lobby, you host a 6 player lobby and sometimes the last 2 spots disappear for everyone except the host. This leads to the people in spot 5 and 6 to not being able to click in. A workaround used by players is to set the game to a supremacy game and let p5 and 6 set ready and then change to the scenario map.
  • Players showing up with the name connecting… in the lobby instead of their real usename. This is on a person per person basis it is not because one person sees connecting… for a player than another person sees connecting… too.
  • There is an open lobby but we cannot join it, this is usually the case when connecting count gets below 110-100 seconds. In this case no new player can join the lobby and it needs to be remade.
  • Starting a multiplayer game crashes the game cmpletely. I do not know if this is the case for some or all players like issue nr 1.
  • Lobby desyncing between players where one player sees themselves as locked in while others do not see that player as locked in. Usually this also leads to the room in general not being responsive anymore, for example if I want to lock out it will also not show up.
  • Kicking a person while another person tries to join usually kicks both. This sometimes leads to the lobby ending up broken and nobody being able to join it.

THese are all issues I had over the last few days, there are many more with the in game lobbies so I will add those once I remember them. Hopefully we can finally get these fixed because they make it an adventure in negative sense to get a game started on itself.

If I talk about a lobby I mean the room when a player hosts a game, I realize it can be confused with the general lobby where we have the browser of hosted games so thats why the clarification.


Good summary of issues - Have encountered all these myself. The first two I think only affect hosting scenarios. The player count one seems to be a general issue providing player count - I’ve seen occasions where extra closed slots can appear too.

Yea I mainly play scenarios so only know which ones happen there, especially for case 2 since its “fixed” going to supre I reasoned that it might only be a custom scenario issue in some cases hence the extra info.

Good list, some of these have been plaguing us since the ESO days. Hopefully it’ll get fixed!

2 more bugs today :

  • If a player fails to connect to the game while loading the others get stuck on the loading screen
  • Some rooms bug out with the message Owner not present in own room
  • In games where someone is lagging villagers stop responding and gathering, warriors stop moving to their garrison points and soldiers do not listen to orders any more.

And some more cases of my earlier list.

see thats why enough is enough.
They rather make stupid events and change taunts than fix the real problems.

There are no priorities

True but this way they cannot plead ignorance, I told them what is wrong its time for them to earn our long lost trust in the teams behind AOM and work on fixing it.

is anyone experiencing troops disappearing ? i can hover over them and move them and they will appear but when they move to the location they disappear and dont atttack