List of suggestions for Quality of life features

You think none of the 16 people posting before you would have noticed?
Iets hope you’re right.
What is the hotkey that allows one to select mills - without centering on them?

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I appreciate your effort but your answers just feel like you are assuming I barely know anything about the hotkeys and are trying to teach me.

Believe it or not, I am actually aware of that. But what if someone wants to select only 1 TC, and to not have the screen snap to the location.

And yes I have already switched to using only the “select all of a type” exactly because of the reason that it doesn’t snap to the location.

Idk how you can tell that the feature already exists, when I have talked to a dev and he himself said they are considering implementing this option of being able to choose if a hotkey will Snap to Location. Yes a workaround for it exists. But it doesn’t exist as a feature officially. Age of Empires 3 has a toggle in the options for “Snap to Unit Location with hotkey”

Anyways the main reason I am suggesting that feature is because we are not able to snap to the lumber camp / mill / mining camp without having our screen move to that place. So I’d either want that feature or ability to select all lumber/camp/mill…

Select All Lumber Camp. Select All Mill. Select All Mining Camp. Those hotkeys don’t exist, only the go-to lumber camp etc…

And yes I mean that last line. select all of them at one time, so that the screen doesn’t snap and I can start researching an upgrade without my screen moving back to the woodline.

1 of these features would be enough for me: either them adding select all hotkeys for these 3 types of buildings, or adding an option to choose for the cycle hotkeys to not snap to a unit’s location

My Ans: Look in Hotkey Stable Options

they are bound to the same line and not possible to be separated


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This is a dream! Let’s hope!


The only problem with this is when you get a Match Found and then the circle just spins and spins and spins and the only way out is to Alt-F4 it. Then you’re stuck on a cooldown for some Thanks DE bug

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Yeah I agree. Obviously they should somehow try to fix those errors before implementing these punishments 11.

bookmark for myself: add to next thread

  • Separate gaia color from player 7 color

  • Allow to select multiple servers with the filters in lobby browser

We definitely we need this one

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What’s the point? Who does this benefit? Are you really that annoyed by having to wait an extra one or two minutes for a game that you want to take away other peoples freedom to quit when they want to?

What about a hotkey to only select villagers with the same title/working (or not working) on the same task when double clicking?
Also, have the monks automatically bringing relics to your nearest monastery as soon as they pick them.

Do you know that shift clicking a unit would ungarrison all units of same type? Or do you have specific needs to ungarrison them one by one?

This would be nice. Though in most cases workers of same type would be easy to drag select?

This feels like too much. Shift queueing the monk to pick up and drop off is already handy.

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Man I love this thread! Thanks for suggesting these valuable QoL features. And super happy to see two of them implemented into the new patch. I appreciate your attention to all those details.

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I’m also really happy the L shaped wall thing has been implemented, as well as the option to dequeue units from the queue on top.

Positive surprise!

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Here’s the new updated list of my suggestions:

  • Separate gaia color from player 7 color

  • Allow to select multiple servers with the filters in lobby browser

  • add Option to toggle on/off for “Go-To Hotkeys will center(move screen) on the unit’s location”

  • add Option to disable ALT key garrisoning (especially useful now since we can use the new ALT feature to signal units to move somewhere without attacking a building)

  • add 3 hotkeys for selecting all lumber camps, all mills and all mining camps (this one won’t really be needed if you implement the toggle above for centering on unit location or not)

  • add one more Health Bar option for always showing units but not showing buildings HP

  • add hotkey for select all water military units

  • separate hotkeys for elite battle elephant and elite steppe lancer upgrades (currently they are all stuck on the same letter but it would be nice to be able to modify)

  • add hotkey for ungarrisoning out of allied buildings (currently if you garrison in ally building, you can only click a button to ungarrison, hotkey isnt functioning)

  • Allow to speed up Recorded games faster (currently singleplayer can be speed up 8x times by using DEBUGSPEEDS steam launch options, recorded games can’t and are maxed out at a slower speed.

  • Suggestion for spectating ranked games more easily: Instead of naming every match AUTOMATCH, can we have it like RM-1v1-(player1)vs(player2)(avg-elo)

  • Allow to build 2 diagonal gates next to each other a.k.a. change the space the diagonal gate occupies. Probably is hard to implement due to engine limitations, but it would be nice to have. Currently it’s not possible to build diagonal gates next to each other (or anything exactly next to a diagonal gate) as shown in this forum post: Hope to fix an issue about building gates

  • Don’t show trees that are half chopped by someone in the fog of war if we didn’t scout that the tree is chopped yet. This one would have some impact on gameplay balance, because currently you are able to see where your enemy has migrated to chop wood if you have that area explored from earlier.

  • Double clicking palisade/stone walls foundations shouldn’t also select built walls as well

  • Improve the endgame Statistics score screen with features like these:
    –Number of Town Centers constructed
    –Villagers Killed / Villagers Lost
    –Resource Count at end of game (showing how much resources the player had when the game ended, not just showing total collected amount)
    –Favorite Military unit (the unit that you made the most, with the number next to it how many times you made it, this one I admit feels to be a bit harder to implement, but who knows… Also, I saw this feature in aoe3)
    –Number of Towers constructed
    –Time of Wheelbarrow and hand cart in the time line


BUMP, what do people think of these suggestions now? specifically the last post.

  1. If you have have an upgrade queued it should let you queue the future version too. Eg: 2HS, Champion.
  2. Changing Gaia color.

This is the one I want the most.

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Use the Select All Land Military hotkey twice

Make the Invite Person menus actually work. So when I choose “Recently Played” it shows people I’ve actually RECENTLY PLAYED with or against, not someone from three days ago while omitting the people I’ve JUST finished playing four games with.

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I think it would also be nice to have hotkeys for each units, like shift "letter " to select all same units, and just the letter to switch between same units, that would be very nice for monks since it’s alway immpossible to micro them

I think it would be a really nice thing to move those Map Voting polls inside the game’s main menu.

Because on these forums barely even a thousand people vote, and that doesn’t represent the community at all