List of suggestions for upcoming patches. (2024)

I want to encourage the community to come up with ideas for future patches. :smile:

I highly recommend using the following rules.

  1. Say which civilization or group of civilizations you would like your change to affect.
  2. Make it clear which game mode you are trying to have affected.
  3. Try to ensure that the suggestions are in favor of the fun of the players.

Italy. (All game modes)

Advanced Politicians.

Current Effect: The next Age up researches faster (-25% for Commerce Age, -50% for later Ages) and all Politicians now grant additional rewards

Modification: I would like this card to also affect revs, perhaps it could guarantee one or two shipments, or give a factory build cart.

Statuto Albertino.
Current Effect: Provides the Basilica with Carabinieri, Risorgimento, and Papacy technologies

Modification: I would like to propose the following changes for the technologies on this card.

  1. Carabinieri: Reduce the cost of this technology by 50%, and now also allows that the revolutions to train and improve the Carabinieri at the guard level.
  2. Risorgimento: now also has an extra effect for revolutions, allowing you to train Redshirts from urban centers and normal revolutionaries from barracks and fortresses.
  3. Papacy: If we use or are in a revolution, this technology gives us the same effect as the papal arsenal card.

Personally, I am not interested in the imperial age of any civilization and that is why I am not very interested in adding these effects to the civilization, but in case it is considered something feasible. I am not opposed to Italy receiving the effects that I have just proposed for the revolutions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Roman Tactics.
Current Effect: Pavisiers, Pikemen, and Halberdiers get +10% hit points, and get +0.3% attack for each Pavisier, Pikeman, and Halberdier in a radius of 34 (up to +15%)

New effect (Previous effect is replaced): Pavisiers, Pikemen, and Halberdiers now gain the deflection ability, but only between archaic units. The Pavisiers gain 200% damage in the close combat stance. (sounds broken, but it’s not XD)

Guardia di Finanza.
Current Effect: Adds coin equal to 5% of the cost of all defeated enemy units to the player’s stockpile up to a maximum of 3,000 coin

New effect (Previous effect is replaced): Deposits gold equal to 5% of the cost of all defeated enemy units into the player’s Lombards. (permanent effect)

Sienese Financers.
Current Effect: Deposits 800 food into the player’s Lombards.
Modification: Deposits 300 food with every shipment into the player’s Lombards.

Luccan Financers.
Current Effect: Deposits 1200 wood into the player’s Lombards.
Modification: Deposits 300 wood with every shipment into the player’s Lombards.

Genoese Financers.
Current Effect: Deposits 1200 coin into the player’s Lombards.
Modification: Deposits 300 coin with every shipment into the player’s Lombards.

Florentine Financers.
Current Effect: Deposits 2,300 coin into the player’s Lombards
Modification: Deposits 200 wood, coin and food with every shipment into the player’s Lombards.

I clarify that the images have the wrong numbers because I took them from the wiki.

Germans. (All game modes)

Replace the Argentine revolution with the Chilean revolution.

Brazil. (All game modes)

The Voluntarios da Patria no longer automatically spawn, they can now be trained in barracks and fortresses for 50 food each and maximum in groups of 20 Voluntarios da Patria.

The revolution can train and improve, both the soldier and Cassador up to the imperial level.

Perú. (All game modes)

The Peruvian insurgent should be called an Andean insurgent, it should be able to be trained from home, have the effect of the reservists card as a base, in addition to being affected by the Alpaca Wool card and have a multiplier against infantry instead of against cavalry.

On the other hand, the Peruvian guard should have the loaded skill of the Mexican soldier and cost the same as the mounted grenadier.

Argentina. (All game modes)

All non-Argentine cavalry units should be replaced with consular versions, in addition to enabling the garrochista and the consular gendarme from the stables, fortresses and Galleons.

The infinite card of 7 lancers should be replaced by an infinite card of 6 Consular Garrochistas, an infinite card of 6 Consular Gendarmes should be added and the Creole card should replace the musketeer instead of only being able to train in the fortresses.

Incas. (All game modes)

The Incas urgently need a complete rework. I would recommend giving them an industrial and imperial age with gunpowder weaponry, access to the arsenal, light cannons and captured mortars. :slightly_smiling_face:

These are the changes that I would like to see in the game, I leave it to the developers to determine whether they are feasible or not. :slightly_smiling_face:


Some ideas of renaming/remodeling artillery units - #3 by M00Z1LLA

I once read something that explained that the Incas managed to ride horses. A cavalry unit only obtainable through shipments would be interesting.


Carabinieri should just replace the dragoon outright. As should the old guard in france. Even with an cost increase due to consulate stats.

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Give Spain their tercio harquebusiers!!!


everytime i read people trying to give inca light cannons, the best artillery in the game bar none, on a civ with 2-3x the eco that haude would and who fail to understand how strong a civ with great defence would be with fast cannons backed by fast infantry backed by chimus i die a little inside

huaraca need to stop being good vs all not cav not mass art and only good vs artillery and buildings ala AK or even hand mortars instead of grenfalcculvtars and made to not die like chumps to hvy art (but also not casually delete, something reasonable which is a hard target to hit tbf) without the creatively bankrupt idea of just stealing another civs unit and failing to understand why that unit is fair for that civ (barely) and why a civ designed without it (other than 1x pop of 4) should instead focus on making its unique units viable

Also bolass should be ranged shock. a simple fix to one of the most underwhelming units.

As for lombards, i dont know if stacking res per a shipment a la spanish gold on 4 cards is a good change. it might be better for treaty where italy struggles but in supremacy it doesn’t solve issues of tempo would make it a bit worse since the 6%xp malus is meant to work with lombards and basilica to counteract, and this would make them probably not viable in 1v1 and possibly op in teams. dunno treaty enough to see if op or not.

Also, making germany get hussar of death on a revolution when they can already mass the ever loving crud out of uhlans sounds really op tbh.

Alot of good ideas tho, the church card is underwhelming and brazil and other S american revolts could use some more polishing.


It could reduce the cost of revolutions like Mexico’s “Independence Movements” card.

For a card called “Guardia di Finanza”, depositing the money in the Lombards seems to make more sense, but I don’t like that the effects are permanent or that they are received with each card, because I think that these benefits should have a limit.

I don’t really agree with this, Chile already has a cavalry that is better than the Uhlans, and it’s not like revolutionizing from the Germans makes more sense for Chile than it does for Argentina.

The historical Voluntários da Pátria were military units, not revolutionaries, I would like the Voluntários da Pátria to be Musketeers with a different skin and perhaps have similar stats to the Russian Rekrut (a little cheaper and a little weaker). This way the Town Centers spawn Voluntários da Pátria (only one at a time), and they can also be trained in the Barracks.

I like the idea that Brazilian Cassadores can be upgraded to imperial in some way.

The Peruvian Insurgents can be called “Breñeros” in reference to the irregular units that fought against the Chilean troops in the “War of the Pacific” (1879-1884). These Breñeros can be activated with a card, come armed with muskets, and be trained in the Barracks.

Maybe the Incas can train some type of cavalry in the Industrial Age.

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You can’t just slap on Light Cannons to the current Inca civ, but Inca absolutely should have Light Cannons for both historical and gameplay reasons.

The civ needs a total rework and adding in and compensating for Light Cannons could totally be a part of that.


For Maltese, a few slight buffs to Sentinels, and maybe a minimum range decrease for fixed guns. Nothing major, because I don’t want Maltese winrate to go over 50%.


aoe3 is not a 1 to 1 historical simulator

light cannons as is fundamentally break inca.I play alot of haude (and inca fwiw) and even the 4 thunderbolt ones are ballbreaking in the hands of a skilled player. If hauraca werent kind of bad at mass hvy cannons this would be plenty but patch after patch the huaraca struggles to find balance. the 4 thunderbolts needed nerfs to be fair. just 4 needed nerfs. Making these massable would be beyond cancer. it gives again, the best native eco civ and defensive native civ access to the best artillery in the game? Straight broken.

Anyways, inca and aztec are designed around non gunpowder. Unless the devs are willing to destroy existing civs for w/e new version would be, light cannons (the unique unit of haude) should remain a haude unique unit


There is literally no way to balance a short ranged infantry unit to be the sole form of anti-artillery.

Nerf their eco then. Factory houses are nonsense anyways.

Why take a civ that had ample cavalry and artillery irl and completely hamstring the design with this stupidity?

Not really Inca and Maya can get them already.

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This a bad suggestion in the sense that the actual effect of carabinieri is really good, the Italian dragons are one of the few decent units in civilization, modifying that for a circumstantial bonus seems not the best idea.

Well, the card is useless because it has a limit of resources, the Ethiopians and the Mexicans (with Baja California) have similar cards without that stupid restriction and anyone has even complained about them, what you propose is basically to leave it the same and no one continues using it.

This is a really good idea since in principle it would help make refilling lombards less tedious. I would increase it to 250 resources of each type instead of 200.

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I would prefer that the effect was not the same as the Mexican card, also the revolutions with Italy always have the same problem, they lack the second factory or a number of shipments that would help, but I appreciate the perspective.

It’s true, but Chile could turn all the Uhlans into death hussars or receive two for each shipment. In my opinion, Germany and Chile interact better.

Also, I would find it really fun if the worst civilization to revolutionize receives the best revolution in the game, and I say this both for the irony and because I think it would be fun to play. :slightly_smiling_face:

It enables them but does not replace the dragoon, and only Argentina would obtain a consular version, the rest of the revolutions would have to improve them in the old way.

4, you get 4 un upgradable or you get a post imperial guard light cannon for maya. and nerf houses so you can get a light cannon is killing the design. just play haude if you want light cannons. they even had to nerf tupac rebellion in game due to how op it was but tbf that revolt is its own thing, hard to compare, but light cannons backed by inca remass were op. who would of thought (spoiler, most decent players figured it out fast)

just fan fiction on the horse part of aztec or inca. while they adopted during phases of resistance, their empires were long gone or rumps. Ample is a poor choice of words Contact aztecs were terrified of horses let alone use them. Tupac’s rebellion is a nice reference, but the inca civ in game is based on contact inca not post contact rebellions. Incan s under spanish rule used them alot to consolidate/civil wars for control. but not during contact Would again, take a complete redesign to integrate and a bit of a stretch to pretend inca/aztec empires (keyword the empires not the few resistance areas) stood in rank with pre contact formations

But hey, im sure killing an entire civ and robbing another of its unique unit to satisfy a few forum posters would be in the games best interest. Until someone can actually put money where their mouth is and show me this redesigned civ idea for actual conversation in a mod that works and isnt worse than existing ideas that the community adopts, i think safely pointing out why its clashes within the games real actual structure is more productive


I don’t see any benefit in replacing the dragoons with a carbine calvary, both units are somewhat equivalent, however, the carabinieri’s actual effect of making the dragoons shoot faster is much better than you propose.

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Russian exclusive improvements:

Lifeguard Jaegers
In addition to the current benefits, enable imperial upgrades for this unit in forts. Or they just improve automatically.

Also add an infinite card of Oprichniks at age 4, so that it has good long-term momentum, since this unit replaces the Oprichniks in the metropolis.

Same for counter dragons, enable their upgrade to imperial.


Yes, but the Carabinieri have a multiplier against mercenaries and outlaw units, they are quite useful for uncomfortable situations with, for example, giant grenadiers or Landsknecht

I clarify my proposal adds to the previous effect, you still get that 10% and the multiplier against mercenaries and outlaw units.

PS: if you look at my proposal, I put when an effect is replaced and when it is only modified to add something extra. :slightly_smiling_face:

Portuguese: Targeted at the mid-late game.

Fast moving Organ guns are fun. It was a great change which made them significantly different than Gatling Guns. The current problem is grape shot makes them a bit too good and locks the speed up behind a card in age 4.

As is:

100w, 300c, 4pop
HP: 150, 75%rr
Speed 4 (2.4 in blast mode)

Damage: 33 (x6), x0.75 vs buildings, x0.5 vs artillery, cav, ships, etc… AoE 2. 26 range, 4 RoF.

With Grapeshot they go to 3.5 RoF, 2.5 AoE and the buff of no movement difference between modes (one mode goes away basically).

I’ve long been a fan of Organ Guns (for gameplay reasons, lets not have a historical argument), but they’ve become overly good vs cav and artillery after GS is in. They did, imo need a buff and I love the feel of the unit’s movement after GS, it’s great and unique for European artillery. They pair well with Dragoons, and Musketeers (two of the Portuguese RG units).

My Suggestion:

The change to movement should be a default unit trait. With that in mind some modifications will need to be made.

Proposed Stats:
Cost: 4pop, 100w, 300c.
HP: 150 with 75%rr.
Speed: 4 (no longer has two modes)
Damage: 22 (x6), x1.6 vs infantry, x1.2 vs buildings, 0.75x vs ships, x0.5 vs artillery, cav, etc… AoE 2. 26 range, 4 RoF. (net is much less damage vs cav and art with more damage to infantry and buildings).

Now adds +1 AoE to Organ Guns and increases their damage by 5%.

Such a change would improve Portuguese siege in age 3 slightly, while further specializing them against infantry. It would


Overall I believe this would be a nerf, currently Organ Guns are too good at fighting things that should counter them. I also believe it would make a really fun behavior more accessible, in 1v1 most people just can’t use Grape Shot.

However, everyone can have mortars when it is historically unrealistic. It would be more appropriate to have the ability to train light cannons. I personally would enable them in the imperial era with a limit of 5 maximum.

I’m only taking about Inca, do not conflate the two. Aztec did not have horses and did not survive past first contact so their depiction is frozen in time.

None of that is true for Inca. They persisted for decades as an outright sovereign state (Neo-Inca empire) and much longer as insurgents. The game depicts until the late 1800s so there’s no reason for them to be frozen in time and ignore most of the relevant history. Especially when doing that imposes undue gameplay restrictions. They were using horses and gunpowder under Manco Inca before the empire was fully subdued so there’s no reason to make them a shitty Aztec clone.

The depiction of Inca in WoL is a million times better and predates them being in the game. It’s totally possible to have a well designed Inca civ.

The current civ is full of terrible unbalanceable ideas like anti-artillery being only short ranged infantry, a single naval unit, and forcing them to be archaic for no reason.