List of suggestions for upcoming patches. (2024)

And despite being historically acurate, its not fair for everyone else. Europeans are strong enough thanks to their “standardality”, access to artillery and 2 factories. They dont need general buffs like gettinh 20 types of natives and mercenaries cards.

People don’t realize just how good light cannons are.

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I think what he is looking for is more of a thematic change than a playable one. A substitute for the infinite Cherokees.

Among other fixes and features I would like to have worked around 6 important things:

  1. Balance Updates. This has no point of discussion
  2. Pathfinding and Unit movement/placement fix. Another very important issue that should have been fixed from the very beginning!
  3. Unit Speed and movement rework. There are some units that are quite slow and others absurdly fast. Also this can be redone like the way units in AOE 4 move. Speeding up when attacking or seeking shelter and then returning back to normal speed.
  4. Bug fixes. There are still bugs, visual glitches, sound, gameplay issues, sound errors and so. For example, some voice lines are not at the same volume level. Some hero skins fall off the screen when scrolling and so on!
  5. Graphics issues fixes. Many maps have problems with color, contrast, lightning, specially African ones. Some portraits and icons are not the intended, and so!
  6. UX and UI rework. This also has no point of discussion!

So… is no one going to point out that’s a mapuche horseman?

Anyways, I do advocate giving the Inca artillery, because it is both historical and it’s missing key parts of the counter system and the solutions to plug those holes with the current units are rather harebrained.

Probably the most reasonable option is to give them a new artillery unit rather than just the Iroquois Light Cannon, call it Thunder Gun or something. (The cannons the Inca used were Spanish Tronador guns which, well, these are the Thunders of Illapa referenced in the tech.)

Since the Light Cannon has this issue of being a “do everything cannon” which is what makes it the best cannon in game bar none, I’d probably split its role into a “Tronador” cannon which counters infantry and an Antisuyo Bow (basically a very crude ballista) as an unit specialized against other artillery and buildings in a pinch.

Post Script: Yeah the Inca fielded horsemen during Manco Inca rebellion, but they looked less like, well, mapuche horsemen and more like…


Or go with something like a Flaming Arrow. Like a light cannon it’s a “do everything cannon”, but it’s a master of nothing. I think Bolas Cannon is a bit risky, so a weaker cannon like a flaming arrow would be the best move.

I think there’s a parallel between the Inca and Japanese unit designs. I don’t think either requires great artillery, but Inca needs some.

Another option could be to make Light Cannons a bit more malleable with mediocre default stats, but cards tailored to each civ that tweak it to fit in the roles they need. That lets Iroquois keep their do everything cannon but can avoid it being extremely oppressive for other civs.


Yeah. I was aware of it. They can already get cavalry units, so I don’t see a problem with them getting something else.

All civilizations containing these buildings and cards:


It will now cost 500 wood instead of 600.

Urban center:

It will cost 600 wood again.

Advanced mill.
In addition to the current benefits, all upgrades available at an earlier age and 20% cheaper.

Seed Drill
Moved to age 1.

Artificial Fertilizer
Moved to age 2.

Advanced plantation
In addition to the current benefits, all upgrades available at an earlier age and 20% cheaper.

Moved to age 2.

Moved to age 3.

Moved to age 3.

Mercenary loyalty:

In addition to their current benefits, it rehabilitates the mercenary cards you’ve sent so far.

Politics related to mercenaries cost 20% less coins.

The mercenaries and outlaws from the bar/tavern and the like cost 5-10% less coins. (Now you can create them in batches of 10)

In addition to the current benefits, it gives you a Bar/Tavern Cart.


I suggest transplanting the Irish Revolution into the Revolutionary Models of the British civ:


I’d rather not nerf the Haudenosaunee as the civ is barely viable as it is.

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The idea is not to nerf them, just make it so Light Cannons need a card to reach their full potential. With more muted base stats it could be reasonable for Hauds to have Light Cannons in age 3 which could buff them.

the civ is fine as is, if you bring out light cannons age3, you have to nerf kanya and MR, which means rebalancing 3 units now as they are made to perform better vs artillery. you now have to re evalaute every single age3 shipment as haude gets slightly better value unit shipments as compensation for no artillery age3
forcing another card makes you also have to either combine existing cards to make their seige card well or its just a flat nerf.

So youve changed one unit and now have a domino effect all to make inca get to steal another civs unique unit and watered down haude. Its just such a poor idea. give inca their own cul (or you know, make the huaraca a balanced unit) makes more sense then messing with core civ designs imho

edit- also rams would literally be obsolete, moreso than they are now


Thanks for promoting my idea.

It would be nice to introduce some new home city customization options.
First, they don’t affect any balance.
Second, they don’t need too much obscure historical reference.
Third, they allow players, especially casual players, to have goals and be willing to play continuously, regularly, and at their own pace.
Fourth, once players have a goal to pursue, they can greatly reduce their anxiety about the unknown future, which obviously helps to improve some of the current negative emotions in the community.

I proposed a few years ago to replace the cherry blossom trees in Japanese HC with yellow Ginkgo trees or snow-covered trees, the boats in Chinese HC with dragon boats. Also let Russian HC have a sunny skybox and British HC have a rainy skybox.


two more epochs … a stone age with clubman and not much else but another level to help ease the fast castle etc … and a pre ww1 level with hot air balloons and some gunpowder units like a gatlin gun …

two more civs like the americans from the 16th or 17th century similar to aoe3

ao3 hunts … and more divers hunts

a few more building like a hospital and medic that heals just like empire earth lol
a tavern like in ao3 with the goofy units for like a stone age epoch

house help defensive or attack boost and act like walls like in aoe2

ability to breed hunts like empire earth had similar to the malians

unique heroes to each civ like a warrior or a strategist like empire earth had

Rams are inevitably an obsolete unit type for every civ that has them or similar units.

Armored pistoleers should get rebalanced, make them either worth 4 pop as an infantry (same with the ronin) or what is better: 3 pop and 300g cost.

Reinstate the inf card for the italians without the team aspect.

Rework lombards. Currently they are not working and not comparable to a secondary factory. For a civ that is supposedly economy first into mercs into military the supposed strengths of the civ are massivly lackluster whilest the military is also not really working.

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If patches are “seasonal” now we should get a PUP soon.


not for AOE 3 DE, they won’t.

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Carabinieri should become a Royal guard for Italian Dragoons considering the other two RG units may aswell not exist at all.
The tech in the church should be renamed whilest keeping the same effect.
Guardia di finanze should be the same as the aethiopian card but pay in the small ammount of gold into the lombards.
Italian mercs need a rework, the all three ressources cost is too high whilest at the same time only having 1 inf merc shipment for the civ that was for the most part heavily merc dependant in the early ages is a bit wierd.