List of Sweden Changes

Keep torp gather rates, eco cards, and unit cards the same.

  • Decrease Torp cost from 135w to 130w.
  • Decrease Torp build time by 1 second.
  • Increase torp base HP from 1300 to 1400,
  • Increase Torp HP increased from Dominions card from 10% to 15%, for a new total HP of 1610.

This will give Sweden the very slight eco boost it needs throughout the game.

Disagree, torp HP was one of the things that made Sweden so incredibly frustrating to play against when they were op. The payoff for sieging torps was just not there and even when the torps were sieged, they bought time and still paid off their own resources.

Torp HP and cost are in a good space. There are better ways to make Sweden more interesting than to double down on the broken mechanic. Back in the development days and soon after release the devs saw Sweden more as an aggressive merc civ - maybe provide more options for early aggression. Please no more op torp stuff.


Nope, Sweden is perfect, you have to enable skirmish, originally the carol was thought of as a multitask unit (but I can’t explain why it was so OP in the first versions), now Sweden lacks an optimal skirm, the Jeagers do not work and the Artillery spam is not a good idea nowadays.


You’re missing a key factor - I would agree if Torps were getting the same resource collection rate pre-patch, but that’s precisely what was hit the hardest in the patch that toned everything down - the Torp resource collection rate, and is exactly why I said right off the bat to NOT touch (ie, increase).

Sweden is ok, they can be strong if you let them get away with it like most civ. But they aren’t overpowered by any means at the moment and need something very small to make them competitive again. I’m not even a Sweden main by any means.

How can Sweden be perfect, but also need key game elements changed like enabling the skirmisher?

Instead of giving them a skirmisher to make up for what they lack, why not improve their eco ever-so-slightly instead to make up for it?

You can’t improve their eco via torps. It would essentially backtrack all the balance changes.

How about just making 2 leather cannons free again?

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His economy is pretty good tbh. It is like any standard European civi but with a positive modulator via torps. If you improve your economy, I think you are only going to cause people to get more mass of carols and some extra cannons. With skirmishes or an equivalent that fulfills that function, I believe that Sweden is going to be competitive again.


It literally wouldn’t backtrack the changes, the resource collection rate of torps is what got hit the hardest. That isn’t changing, it’s just making them slightly more survivable. 1300 base HP is worse than a Shrine but costs more than one and is arguably worse. I think we can agree that while not unplayable, Ottos and Sweden are not exactly competitive right now when compared to other “normal” civs like Brits, Germany, Ports, Spain, and France. Forget Mexico, Inca, Aztec, India, USA, Hausa, and Ethiopia.

eu acho que os crossbows da Suécia precisariam aumentar seu multiplicador com uma carta da era 2
ou no arsenal

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Except it would directly backtrack the torp price and hp nerfs that happened in previous patches. The reasons for this is because it used to be really really frustrating for anyone to interact with the Swede eco. They could make 3 more torps in the time it took to seige one. It was a runaway train of chasing down buildings with too much hp. Shrines were in a similar boat and also saw hp nerf, thankfully.

Having lower hp encourages a more interactive (fun) game where you actually want to attack the torps and fight over mines.