List of unfixed bugs

few things to add and update:

  1. [Bad performance even after hotfix] (Bad performance even after hotfix)
    a lot of people I talked to somehow gets extremely offended if you criticize them and they provide little to no details aside from computer specs, after being explained in multiple threads over and over that lag can be caused by multiple variables. Me and another friend even suggested to test play so we can note down the server, game settings etc and non replied.
    I’d recommend until more information is provided other than just dxdiag or “my computer is high end” or “never had this issue b4” we treat this not a bug. I have noted down plenty of laggers I played with pre Nov patch and after the hotfix 6/7 of them all became much better.

  2. Villagers chased by boars will stop and fight if tasked to a different resource
    can probably scratch this one off. someone already posted the reason, villager’s reaction is to either run work or work/fight. so if a player aggro a boar, the vill will fight if it receive another command and try to fight back the boar, or if it finishes walk command and I believe this was the same back in AOK days, the earliest version of age of empires game.

  3. Mod doesn’t update version when joining lobby We still believe mod does not auto update once a player joins lobby while updating. but there maybe another bug that causes the failed lobby forcing a rehost, we are still testing it but it is related to host using “browse lobby” tab while in their own lobby.