List of unfixed bugs

This is a community effort to keep track of ongoing issues that remain unaddressed after more than 1 patch.

Feel free to link a bug report of a new issue as a response to this post.

Updated: September 7th 2023


- Building hitboxes appear larger than before, making unit targeting around buildings difficult
- Units not finding their way around long obstacles (such as an unfinished, but sizeable, wall)
- Groups of units failing to pass through narrow openings between two large obstacles
- Units regroup backwards when issued a move command


UI / Lobby / Spectating:

Hotkeys, Other:


Huh, time to get housed much sooner for that housed-omg-WheelBarrow-save-me-from-TCidletime, that will get some time getting used to…

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Did they finally fix the bug with the ennemy building disappearing in the fog of war when they were last in your allies line of sight rather than yours?


I wasn’t aware of that one. I will check it sometime today and add it if it still happens.

I mostly noticed it in campaigns and historical battles, never paid attention if this happened in other modes. It’s especially not ideal when it makes towers and castles disappear.


Are you sure that isn’t working normally as intended? I think when allies in campaigns betray you, you lose sight of their buildings.

I’m not talking about when an ally betray you, I’m talking about when an ally unit move across the map, gets an ennemy building in its line of sight and then move away. As soon as the fog of war cover the building again, it disappears. I doubt it’s working as intended since a building last seen by one of your own unit stay visible in the fog of war. However, if the same building is seen by an ally unit next, it will also become invisible when it’s covered by the fog of war.
As I said, I only noticed it in campaigns and historical battles so far.


20 characters…

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Lol yeah it really is ‘minor’ :rofl:


@GMEvangelos Hi, I added some more bugs here to the list (in the 1st and 2nd parts of the post) since a few days ago, and linked most of them to their bug report threads. I assume you are already tracking most of them, but I’m just checking in any case if maybe you missed a couple. :smiley:

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Double clicking the gates selects gates which are not in your view.
All the gates you have placed get selected.

it selects all Gates that are in the square of your mini map. Its still bugged yeh, just saying how you can avoid it

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that bug was fixed months ago

The only thing that may make you think that its unfixed is maybe if you have a gate which is just under the UI of the map for example, or the UI of the unit selection. The game treats that area as visible, even though its not visible by the default UI. Thats why I recommend installing some Transparent UI mod so that you can see under it.

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It is definetively not fixed, I just tested it in the Scenario Editor. But it seems to occur only on southwest-northeast oriented gates.

edit: I just noticed that in the official list of known issues (, the status is “Fix Awaiting Update”, so it will hopefully be fixed soon.

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Guys you didnt read my post? :smiley: Its not fixed and it selects all Gates that are not only on your screen but also on the white square on your mini map

I tested it now and seems to still happen to Palisade Gates. Can select all palisade gates from the whole map if you double click a few times.

Stone gates work fine.

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Nope, it is for stone gates aswell. It happened to me and I saw it in streams

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Currently I have almost 30 bugs linked in this list of mine. After the patch at the end of october hits, I will check the game to see how many of these bugs are fixed, and make a new list after that.


Doesn’t look too good in terms of bug fixes for the next patch. In the youtube teaser for October Update they announced the fixing of 3-4 bugs only. I hope it’s more.

At least the good thing is that the Wheelbarrow bug is one of the fixed ones.

In my opinion they adressed the most important things that are really relevant