List your empire wars BO here

I will list out one that I have been trying here for China using the Land Reform card, which doubles the XP gained from all buildings and speed ups the wagon spam a lot harder for an FI. Its a Chinese FI that is faster and meaner then ever before

Age 1

Collect food and build Porcelain Tower with 8 vils - rest of vils on food

Do not build with the first castle wagon - save for age 2

Age 2

Set 5 vils to food and the rest to coin, Also set the porcelain tower to coin. Collect until you have 300 then all vils on food

First card - Land reforms

After it arrives, build 2 castles from the wagons, you will get 240 xp from that alone.

2nd card - 700 gold (wagon - castle)

3rd card - 700 food (wagon - consulate-British)

after gathering the crates age with summer palace

then again quickly set most vils to coin and 5 on food, this time for 200 coin

Age 3

Build the TC, doesnt matter where

Set porcelain tower on wood

4th card - 1000 gold (wagon -War academy)

with 1000 food from summer palace and 1000 gold age with the skirm wonder

In transition, can send 10 skirm/internvention muskets if being pressured, fight under the towers.

Also build a village since after the skirm wonder pops you will be pop capped

Set 10 vils on food and the rest on gold (need to get to 350 gold)- build vils from 2 tcs constantly

Age 4

5th card - 17 skirms (wagon - castle) - maybe more forward

Skirm should be sent forward to pressure

Once you get to 350 wood and gold get the guard tech for the skirms

6 card and beyond - Whatever you feel like (Crow spam to pressure base/ Rattans to push off cav and melee/emperors army for more skirms and hand mortar pressure)

Sample deck

Post your ideas here

Edit: I also want to try using the faster shipment speed card in this to make this even faster, but don’t know how viable that is


I havent try it but aztecs with huts spam and town dance could work now that they can reach 10WP quickly

Here comes another FI, this time Otto Nizam FI

Age 1 - build TP + mosque with starting wood and the outpost asap

Do not collect the crates all vils on food first

First card is Silk road (will help get a lot more resources from the crates)

After silk road, collect crates and age up with the food politician

collect 100 gold to get to 200 gold

Age 2

send 700 gold 700 food - then church card (wagons to more outposts , tps/saloon and a arsenal)

Collect everything then age with fast age up

Age 3

Mosque tech reduction first card

Then 1000 gold

Then 1000 wood

Should be enough to age up -age with 1000 gold politician

During transition all vils on coin - get enough to research Mercantilism

Age 4

Collect crates then all but like 10 vils on wood for houses - rest on food

Research CIR in the arsenal (will give nizam x3 against all infantry)

Research the New Order infantry and send send inf 9 jans, timing should be such that the NOI arrives before the 9 jans and turns them into Nizams.

After that 2 bombards, then just alternate between nizams, bombards and spahi, if you also have gold then send merc loyalty and spam mamluke shipments. Also research 3 bombards from the mosque.

Wagons should be used on high XP buildings like estates, or TPs if there are still slots.

enjoy the power

Hello i do have a ottoman Hungary revolution strategy which propelled me to #2 place on ladder after placements.

India Flail elefants rush/Pressure:

So before i say anything else: Yes i still think flail elefants are one of the worst units of india and even in the game.
But with this Build order we try to make them work in Empire wars.

Core Idea:
Use the free castle for early agression.
We do this by utilizing the flail elefants and using our sepoy and rajput shipment to support. This will hit at 2:00 and can absolutely kill people who are not prepared.
But we do not need to kill the enemy, we are also happy to do some damage and force him to invest into defense (use his wagons for towers, deny his gameplan etc) or to deny his trading posts and get them ourselfs.
In the game i am showing you i play against german. German is probably one of the hardest civs to pull this off, because the 3 dopp shipment and free uhlans are very helpful against this strategy.

Build order:
Age up with karni mata
Get 2 houses, rest vills
Gather only food

700 coin, 5 sepoy, 5 rajput (…go from here), so either sowars, or wood trickle / 300 export

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