Listen and Reflect!

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Don’t agree with beast about the hotfix bugs. Look at Dota2 some hotfix just a day and release. AOE4 some critical bugs like de-sync from release until now still not fix, and no mention in anything. And too many bugs when released mean a fail from devs and QA. Look at War3 reforged and they are not taking the lesson from that.

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Briefly: “Nobody has money to develop a good RTS game anymore & the interest from society isn’t there.”

“RTS will never die but may never be famous again.”


Back then (20 years ago) there were like 20 major games and 10 of them were RTS…and only a very dedicated group of players who might favor RTS.
Now there are 1000 games of comparable quality and still 10 RTS, and there are like 100x more players then before and most of them would not stick to one game for long.
It’s not that RTS failed. It just did not develop. And it makes sense because it always appeals to that small dedicated playerbase which was the majority of a much smaller group of gamers back then, but is now overwhelmed by the “new” gamers who do not favor RTS.
(Numbers are made up)


beasty think that RTS is for old.
LOL. classic mistake from the survariors - old pro SC2 player think that people are old, because he is.

The reasons about audience is ■■■■■■■■.(bs) Check movies history - after 1990, in 2000 noone believed in comics. Noone believed in 18+ comics movies. But guess what? Dedpool, etc.

Devs need to release good product. Sometimes it’s luck but they need to do… but some players trying to justify the current moment, that it can not be done. why?

Deadpool is poo poo baby brain adult comic relief movie.

An RTS game would devastate the attention span of the average viewer.

Beasty has a good point there.

It’s why it’s so easy to get your friends to play an FPS with you…because aim and pull trigger, not follow this BO with time-sensitive steps all while reacting according to experience to novel intel gathered by your two scouts that you must pay attention to whilst micro managing your ECO to capitalize on your RNG…


“Money… This is how the world works”
He has an absolute truth on this. So many aspects of gaming depends on money and we cannot change this.