Literally dropping to 15 fps at menus and in games [RTX 3070 & Ryzen 7]

So when i started the playing the game, FPS was not a problem. Would hit 165 fps (the refresh rate of my monitor) no problem with little to no drops. Yesterday i was playing and the game was running at 15 FPS. Updated my drivers and problem solved. But now today I am at 50fps and dipping every second. Worst it has been at 2 FPS in menu and in game. My graphic settings are mostly set on high with shadow detail on medium. These settings never caused a problem before and really shouldn’t be for an RTS with a 3070 + Ryzen 7 CPU. Any recommended fixes?

I want to avoid lowering my graphic settings. This is my gaming desktop PC. NOT a laptop. I have literally nothing open in the background and dont have a lot units on screen. Please help… I love this game and want to actually play it

PS: whenever I hit the window key, the game runs at 165 fps in the background… wtf

Known bug. happends to everyone

Just another broken game

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You have problem in other games? I have similar pc setup (ryzen 7 + 3080ti) but I never had a problem in fps. I play from pc xbox app. Check for win update e ms store too.
I don’t know if client steam have problems…

I had this yesterday, the game was running at 20fps in the menu. Fortunately it went away when I went to create a game, it went to full fps on the menu, and was fine in the game. I don’t think there’s any point changing settings as it looks like a bug rather than any sort of genuine performance issue.

It’s a memory leak, a bad one.

I have a fairly decent gaming PC as well, and lag very heavily when I look at water, but only after a game or two and or after 10 or so mins in-game.

That’s how I know it’s a memory leak, the memory “breaks” if you will, and starts lagging.

I also lag heavily in the menus, and if I stay in the custom game search too long the client will crash. Terribly optimized game.

Make a bug report thread and upload ur dxdiag

Yes, I’ve a fix for RTX 3070 here! That’s now or never.

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I have the same problem since yesterday. Never had it before though. Updated my driver today. Lets see if that helps. I think its nothing from your side.

ye. maybe drop the game is the only solution.

You guys using citrix?

Every single time you open a specific mastery task in menu it tanks your FPS.
It’s a known bug and you should prevent opening individual mastery tasks. (only restart fixes the fps issues).

It’s normal to have absolutely abyssmal FPS in the aftermatch statsscreen.
I personally can barely do anything on my second monitor in that menu as well.

Beside that the game runs reasonably fine for me.
Ryzen9 3900x and rtx 3060ti here.

Tell me if the post here helped you to narrow down/avoid the problems.

I just straight up crash from the custom menu now, crash when opening friends list, crash when opening masteries, this game crashes more than my modded Skyrim

So how did it go, @ROGUESNIPER10? Did updating the drivers solve it?

I don’t think I’ve had that happen once, fortunately, and my specs are very similar (3070, Ryzen 9). I am running on much older Nvidia drivers, though.