Lithuanian bug on Lord of the West celebration patch

Its a serious problem we had as community those bugs. Also i think it’s very important to report players that abuse of those bugs for progress on ranked maps.

Relics stacks his attack points when u ungarrison an garrison again, unlimited.


That match must be canceled.

Sadly this is not a aisolated issue i saw several players doing this on ranked team games.

yeah always something gets through with these updates haha they need to fix this asap cant play any games if someone is liths goto castle get 1 relic ungarrison an garrison 40 times and have 20 knights you will melt even castles SMH

Hotfix now, please es unplayable

easy way around it in unranked just ban it haha but agreed needs to be fixed ASAP

It just happened to me as well in a ranked 1v1. He came with a bunch of knights and took my castles out in no time. His final attack was 10+61. So ridiculous and absolutely not nice to use in ranked games!

Indeed programmers should hotfix this ASAP, otherwise it will be unplayable, plus I agree if I have one of these smart bug xploiters I’m going to report with the hope the match gets canceled.

I played them today on 1v1 Rank , and won all 5 games. Crazy. I went from 988 to 1062. My Highest Rank so far.

It is not their fault though, whan the devs will fix this they will loose every match because they rised with a bug and than the bug is no more

I played against a lot of lith cheaters today it sucks

Share it in “Report a bug”

If you take a look at aoestats, you can see that lithuanians are being picked +200% more frecuently than before the patch. My faith in humanity is totally destroyed :sweat_smile: So sad.


For me aoestats still isn’t updated, how did you get numbers for the new patch.