Can anyone give me some general tips with them or strategies I could use to start winning with them in 1v1 ranked matches?

i dont think this is AOE 3 is it?

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I think they work pretty well on mixed and water maps, 4 lake for example, since you can start chopping wood right away thanks to the starting food bonus (+150) and go for fish eco earlier.

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Oops! Posted in the wrong forum. My bad!

Get relics, spamn leitis. Should do the trick?

Alright so I’ve played with them quite a bit and they’re a very flexible civ, they’re kinda like between Huns and Teutons playstyle wise. With the extra starting food you can get away with greedier starts, or just to help execute a build faster.

One of my bread and butter strats with lithuanians have been

  • Open with archers (they’ll usually expect scouts - which is also a good opening, but if you full wall and committ to archers you can get to castle age pretty fast, pick up fletching, always depends on the map and civ matchup though, they can help defend against a rush and move out to do damage after. Pick up eco upgrades and cavalry upgrades (armor, bloodlines) on your way up to castle
  • Tech crossbow in castle age (if you have any remaining) and start making stables. Start making knights and transition your eco to double stable knights (if i recall correctly the bare minimum is like 14 on food and 8 on gold? i could be wrong, i would put 10 on gold to be safe)
  • Be aggressive with your army, you can choose to go forward with a siege workshop first if you think you can take enemy army, if not make monastery and go for relics.
  • Crossbow/knight is a very deadly army in castle age and hard to counter, so after you have enough knights you may want to go back in to making crossbows and getting the second attack upgrade on them. Don’t let them be vulnerable though and keep them close to your knights. The units your enemy makes depends on the civ, but adjust your army numbers to what they make - if they make a lot of pikes, make more archers (or more knights since once you start getting upgrades on knights they can kill pikes). If they make a lot of skirms, make more knights or a mangonel. Better players will respond with gold units like monks, siege, their own crossbows etc. and you should prepare for part of your army to be overwhelmed if they committ to one option. You’re splitting your resources between knights and crossbows, but if they respond with double the amount of knights you have you’re in big trouble.
  • Of course, once your aggression starts paying off add more Town Centers, and always make villagers while doing these things
    (The main takeaway is that feudall archer opening isn’t as hard on early eco as scouts, but also not as fast so it’s a tradeoff, but more importantly the early castle age power spike with having crossbows and knights is enough to win the game against slower players, but at the very least gives you a solid lead if you can make it work. It tapers off the more castle age goes on and you’ll want to streamline things into more knights, and maybe transition out of xbows into skirmishers)

Naturally isn’t a fool proof strategy but it’s strong if you can keep a few steps ahead of your opponent.

Other options would be drush fc (very strong with lithuanians) into crossbow or knights or boom,. They’re obviously a good knight rush civ, and booming into mass leitis is also very strong. They have solid defensive options with their trash and castle tech, so it helps to be aggressive with lithuanians and rely on those bonuses against raids.

They’re very flexible and have a lot of options in feudal and castle age, and when it gets to post imp, using tower shields Halberdiers and Skirmishers are amazing meat shields in treb wars, but Elite Leitis (since it’s so ■■■■ cheap now…) or Paladin are always going to be your go-to options for your gold unit

(Note I was mainly thinking about arabia and gold rush, lithuanians are also good on maps like 4 lakes but you have to prioritize fish boom and flood knights in castle age in my experience)


Holy crap dude thank you so much. I’ll give this a shot and see what happens!

What is your opinion about their castle age UT?

Better given to Goths :smiley: But thats just my meme idea of redesigning goths (yeah please lets rant about how silly that is :slight_smile: )

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Sorry doesn’t this apply to most civs. And due to the fact we can actually civ pick… This actually applies better to other civs due to eco bon bons… Being Lith doesn’t necessarily help much in most of this build… As opposed to persians, Chinese, even viet or berbers have more impact on these builds.

Its undeniably a meta build for a reason…

Aka if you’re simply a better player, since other civs boost that build more than lith does…

As opposed to drush with the extra food or something that specifically benefits from being lith

This also applies to most civs, but arguably less so for lith since their twr shields is an imperial tech, and leitis need a decent number of castles in order to mass leitis aka booming…

If anything their specific aggression boils down to abusing that extra 150 food asap because its value falls off with time, or controlling the relics. But beyond that i dont see why they should be any more aggressive than other civs like mesos that tech stagnate in late game or vikings who actually do not have an eco bon bon beyond castle age…

Used some of the tips you guys posted. I am doing much better now. Thank you!