Little suggestion about revolutionary units

Great to see that China got cosmetics! I didn’t though at all that a non-european homecity would get them! Hoping for other civs!

BTW, another good change would be that revolutionary militia and could have unique skins and portraits.

At first maybe the units that already have unique skins (the comanchero variants, Colombian Independence Guards) could get unique 2D portrait (seeing that you still making icons for events)

Then, if there’s the possibility, make unique skins for special revolutionaries that have unique stats (Peruvian Guard, Voluntarios da Patria, etc.)

That would be great

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Polish Husaria should also have wings


Would love some unique revolutionaries, the models especially, the tri-corn hat isn’t seen at all in Chile as an example :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the formal army uniform, the hat looked like this

But this is the icon and model in the game.


Though I get it, making 5 to 8 extra models and triggers is a bother to do and makes the game more space demanding. So if it ever gets seen at, will probably be far later.