Live K/D during the game

Hello, that what title says. Just know your K/D, not all players, at least allies’ K/D

That sounds reasonable, but only if it was an option in settings, and didn’t clutter the UI too much.

K/D is irrelevant, I had games where I had KD of 0.8, made nothing but Japanese Halbs wirh a sprinkle of Arbalest, opponent is full Hussar Battle Elephant Scorpion and I’m still taking massively efficient trades in spite of my 0.8 KD.

More generally, if opponent is going double gold comp (say Turks Hussar BBC Heavy CA) or Mongols Mangudai Siege, it’s HARD to stop if your civ doesn’t have the right tools, but as gold runs out your KD improves again as does the game.

All in all I see no detriment in introducing it, but no benefit, either.

How is that the KD? Wouldn’t that be your KD ratio or something? KD is usually in the format X/Y, or K/D more specifically. It might be useful, or at least interesting in a war of attrition or something.

yeah generally KD = shorthand for KDR in most games, as rarely do people care for total kills or deaths (in a game like CSGO maybe that could be relevant I guess), sorry if this wasn’t written clearly.

Right, cause it looks like the OP is talking about KD rather than KDR. I guess they could have both as an option if they implemented it.

yes yes yes pls. as a pacifist campaign runner it is sooo anoying to need to save and restore every 2 minutes to check if you have gotten a kill. same is true for 0 death runs of campaigns. if it was visible it would save so much time

Voobly had a good solution for this, simple and not to annoying, raze and kill counter

It could be something like that - a toggleable button near mini map.

KD doesn’t mean much since it doesn’t matter how strong an unit is, as a great Dwarf once said, “that still only counts as one !”. You could lose 2 pikes for every enemy knight killed, in the long run you’re still winning resourcewise, especially if valuing gold more. It also would ignore the contribution of defensive buildings, we all know how significant destroying a castle is.

It would be more interesting to see a KD ratio but counting not kills but resources (to go back to our example, the pike being worth 60 and the knight 135), it would be more relevant to the gameplay. But even then, there is still that eternal debate about the value of gold relative to food and wood. And let’s not forget to consider how conversions should be counted. Although technically not a kill, converting a knight makes the enemy lose the equivalent of 135 resources and, should heresy not be researched, male you gain the equivalent of 135 resources

I though it mainly for eco K/D… Sometimes, because of mulitasking you are raiding but not counting how much vils do you kill, so, having the knowledge of it you can decide better if need pushing more or focus in take the eco advantage…

Raiding villagers, now it becomes complicated. Attacking villagers cause much more damage than the 50 food that they cost, the time during which they do not work because fleeing to a garrison building and the time to create more is also technically some economic damage.

I just want to play with the entire capture age overlay… Is that too much to ask?


It would be the best…