Livestock Pen rework / Hunting interaction

I watched lots of streamer, talked lots of players and most of them hate how hunts runs away from you, how they wander around map, how micro intensive they are. Also pretty much they also don’t like how Livestock mechanic work. Here I’m with a suggestion.
Rework how livestock pen works.

Livestock Pen.

Now have innate ability, LURING
Building will lure hunts in huge radius to itself and prevent hunts from escaping from it with fear.
Building now will “garrison” already fattened herds to inside, up to 20 animal per building. (Still use 10 herd per building for fattening process)
You can right click with villager to building to collect food from it, like a mill. Innate salting mechanism to prevent rotting of meat.
Building now of course bigger, at least market size.

Even empty pen now have a use.
No longer micro intensive.
Prevent missclick to unfattened herds.

Bigger and take more size on field.
Still not “Fire and Forget” like normal mills or estates (because they bring more than their counterpart)


Sounds like a new idea into the game. herds are indeed micro intensive

I don’t think new game would accept ideas this late. Also I would like to improve Aoe3. If we all skip 3 to 4 then whats the point of new dlc for aoe3 right?

I believe that herds of animals purposely move away from the base so quickly, it is purposely designed to encourage raid. If it’s right or wrong, the truth is that I don’t know.

Like everything else it gives japan the advantage. They dont have to worry about 8t.

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