Loading Savegames

Game Version:

  • Version 101.101.32911.0 4395365
  • Steam


Since the Update for version 32911 hit online all new savegame files seem to be broken. Only the autosaves do work to reload. This is at least true for me and in single player (random map or campaign mode)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Install update 32911 (precondition)
  2. Start single player game
  3. Save the game manually
  4. Load the just manually saved game


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Waht s a precodition ?

I have the same bug with last update 32875

Ok, didnt know it was an issue even before the newer update, as since then my savegames did work if I remember correctly

I’m also having issues with save games. When I save regularly and reload the save, it reloads a much older save even though I can see that the recent save (with the correct date/time) is visible within the save folder.

with the latest update which aired yesterday, the problem seems to be solved for my cases. At least I can reload newly created savefiles again. Not yet tried it with older ones