Lobby Abuse and Lagouts

So I’m seeing alot of problems with the lobby system. One obvious bug is I’m experiencing lag, that allows the game to continue while on a freeze frame, then seeing the units hurry to catch up to real time. This was not possible on the previous HD edition as the game would freeze for all. Definitely getting early game handicaps alot from early lag spikes favoring other players.

Also seeing alot of early game quitters and problems with team-games. Can we get a more clear indication of when the game becomes ranked or unranked? What do I do when my teammate quits after a short time in a 2v2?

We need to keep the botters, DDos’ers, and throw account spammers at bay on the que to maintain the dignity of the elo score across the board. Please discuss.

Ranked starts at 1 min game as far as I remember, if somebody quits before no point loss implied.

That is the intention.
Before: One player lagging = all game lagging. Tell me how this was not a change for good

I’ll play team games, 2vs2 or 3vs3 and have very little lag at all. But half the games I play 1vs1 are lag fests where the units move real slow and speed up as you mentioned. This sever maintenance did nothing to fix the problem. Games a joke, seriously. They claim these “servers” would help the game run better but it’s quite laggy in some of the games. I, myself, have left games within the first minute as soon as I see the game is lagging already. I’m not playing in that garbage. The match maker clearly doesn’t base games on connection. This is one feature I liked on HD or Voobly you could see what the other players ping was in the lobby. Can’t do that with this ranked system. I could be playing with some dude in Vietnam with dial up for all that I know and I’m in the US.

I played a couple games against AI 1v1 today on multiplayer, so I guess it’s a server issue and not some ddoser.
It’s lagging just like you said. Some random freeze of 1-3 seconds and units running really fast when it unfreezes. Sometimes I also got a 5 second delay between commands and actions.
I’m playing from Brazil

Pacolipse isn’t talking about that. The issue he is referring to can’t be his systems fault and went extremely bad after the last hotfix. Multiple times as the issue already continuously happened to me before minute 1 I asked my opponent and he had the same freezes and speed ups in that very game. You can also sometimes see this at various streamers.

Honestly consistent command delay on voobly was WAY easier to bear than this inconsistent type of lag.

1 player losing time makes the game unfair, whereas all lagging until recovery is mostly fair. Might lose some idle time if someone is unready for restart, but thats on them. Giving some people legs up breaks the competitive fairness.