Lobby browser ruined by localization

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.33059.0)
  • Platform (Steam)


I’d like to see English in the lobby browser as much as possible (or whatever language I have chosen for that matter). Lobby browser filters showing in 10 different languages is annoying and confusing.

While I understand that the name of each lobby will always be in the host’s language (and should be, as long as the host gets to name it), everything else in the lobby browser (such as Location (map), etc) should be automatically translated in the language I have chosen, not the host’s language. For example, I have chosen English. I want to see Arabia in the map filter, not both Arabia and Arabien or some unreadable russian characters… Hosts should still see everything in their language for sure, but people browsing the lobby should also see it in their selected language.

Localization is a nice to have feature. It should never interfere with anything else in the game though, especially with usability. The unranked lobby browser is unreadable right now, because it is full of words in every and I mean EVERY language imaginable. The screenshots speak for themselves; Please no more “Zufallslandkarte” whatever that’s supposed to be :rofl::rofl::joy::joy:

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Go to the unranked game lobby browser
  2. “Location” and “Language” sections are shown in the localized language of the host instead of mine.
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Speaking of multiplayer and lobbies, a few suggestions;

  1. Unranked lobby browser should save my filters so I don’t have to go through setting them again and again each time I’m looking for a game.

  2. Unranked multiplayer needs its own sort of ELO. Visible or not, that doesn’t matter in my opinion. What does matter is that games need to be balanced. The skill levels in Age of Empires are so many and the difference between players of different levels can be so big that the game can become meaningless when balance is not there. I think an internal ELO system should at least be considered for unranked games.

  3. In the unranked multiplayer lobby, currently you can only select either one server or all of them to be displayed. Instead of a drop down menu, each server should be clickable so you can tick which servers you want to see results for and untick the rest. That way people will be able to pick among multiple servers so that we get a wider selection to pick from while still filtering the high ping servers out.

  4. Server names are looking kind of long and confusing in my opinion. Also, they take up so much space in the lobby browser, and the information of one column bumps into the other, looking messy and rather tiring. The lobby browser needs to be simple, clear and easily readable. I suggest we change server names to abbreviations (WESTEUROPE could be WE for example). Maybe in a drop down menu we could still have each server’s abbreviation next to the respective full name for whoever wants to see it, but the lobby browser should be as clear as possible and therefore use just the abbreviations.
    Another step to make things less congested would be improving the “Language” column. My default language is English, so currently as you can see in the screenshot below, I see other languages in their own word for the language and then in english. For example, I see “Deutch (German)”. That’s unnecessary. Minimalism is key. I don’t speak German, I don’t care to see the “Deutch” part, so keep it to just “German” instead. Same thing applies to all other languages. Clean, short, readable, less tiring, more relevant and tidier. Also doesn’t bump to other columns (especially useful for smaller screens, I’m playing on a 15.6 inch laptop display).

  5. That one is more debatable, but a LOT of people want it as far as I know. There should probably be separate ranked matchmaking queues for Arabia, Black Forest and Nomad maps, since these maps are so much more desirable for the VAST majority of the competitive community when playing ranked (and not just ranked to be honest). For example, I don’t want to play water maps (I’m not the only one) and the map pool as is right now (both water and land maps) is just obnoxious in my opinion. At the very least, there should be separate queues for open/closed maps and water/land maps in the ranked map pool. I think this is a huge problem currently that drives lots of players back to AoE2 HD and Voobly, and this should be avoided at all costs.