Lobby browser should work like if we are in 21th century


The Lobby browser is totally bug and not fun to use.

Bugs make us lose a lot of times for exemple :

  • When host go in lobby browser, the game at the end of count down won’t start
  • Sometimes in lobby browser it display 8 players but there is 7 and we can wait many minutes like that

Lobby browser is very slow, you actualise the lobby browser and if you click directly on a game with 6 players you have a high probability that the room is already full.
Why does it take 30 seconds to tell you that the room is already full?
Why it display room full (8/8 players)?
Why do we need to update lobby browser to see the “actual” number of players in each room?
Why sometime when you host no one join and someone create exactly the same room and it full in less than a minutes (ex: cba)
Why do you always have to accept to play with mod?
Why do you always have to download it again (when you have the last version) ?
Why do we have to wait for host to be ready to download files?
Why can’t we remove the 5 seconds count down?(if there is an error it’s to late because if someone remove ready at the wrong time it will crash the game of others)
Why my computer melt when I am in game menu ? (it consume the same power than when a game is launch)
Why not giving explanation to error (most of error display only x and a number)?
Why when we are in a lobby and we go in lobby browser we have to actualise to see other lobby and why we can’t join them?