Lobby games

Is it just me or it has become verry complicated to join a lobby game these day ? 9/10 times i get an error message, and for some reason it seems like no one can join my servers neither


source : advertisementJointEvent
code eror : 0x00000001

Same for me. Lobby seems to be empty now. Some games even report 9/8 players XD, loading screen does not appear, … :frowning:

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Unable to join a 2v2 ranked game. Says I failed to join, and to my team member is says I left the party.

Tried an unranked 1v1 but it won’t allow me to create the lobby, Error shows as 'Advertisementjoin…(something)… 0x00000003

Have restarted Steam (logged out and back in) and it fixed the 1v1 game. But immediately after it it showed the same error for the 2v2 ranked game repeatedly. Giving up now.

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Using Win 11: AoE DE lobbies not loading.
When I reset my MB bios to default, it disabled TPM and it disabled some functions in AoE DE.
I re-enabled TPM in the bios and lobbies started loading again.