Lobby/matching time versus game time

While there is people complaining about games too long, or walls too strong, or certain civ too strong, or certain civ too low, I can only see that I spend more time in lobby/queueing than playing.

Today, I’ve tried to play a match, I spent 10 minutes on game lobby, then when lobby is full and game starts to load, then I am stuck on “assigning teams” forever.

I have to restart the game, then I try with quick match. When everyone is loading, one of the other team drops.

Then the last try, I try a quick match again, and got successful on game, but game lasts 20 minutes due to feudal/castle push.

Result? I spent like 30 minutes trying to play and 20 minutes playing.

Try to play at peak time, the rts genre is not very popular

What rank are you? I’m gold/Plat and I find game in less than 2 minutes, 1vs1 or more

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I’m plat, but I usually play custom game because I like 3v3 megarandom, no mods.

@HasanIchess this happens also at peak times, when trying to play a custom match, minimum 5-10 minutes to start a game, and some days it’s a continuous “someone drops”, or “someone quits within first minutes”, etc…

They must implement reconnection and/or quitting penalties.

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