Lobby Music Causing Twitch VOD's to be Muted

I stream AoE3:DE on Twitch frequently and noticed that some of my previous broadcasts were being flagged for audio copyright and that portions of the stream had been muted. It looks like it is because of the song “Win a Holy Bone” by Stan LePard.

I know that I can turn the music off…but I love the music! I am a musician myself and sure hope that this composer is receiving appropriate credit. Can this copyright issue be fixed so that streamers can share this content?


AoE3DE’s official background music has been muted as a violation of rights also in my stream on Twitch. Officials seem to recommend streaming, but I’m not even sure if I can object to the mute of the audio as having permission for streaming.

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I haven’t streamed AoE3de like in 6 months and I’m surprised that this game still has this problem.
At least these BGM has been getting muted by twitch.
I just need to know if I have the right to file an objection.

Win a Holy Bone
Stan LePard
Stephen Rippy
Get off My Band
Stephen Rippy
Leisurely Brows
Stephen Rippy

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