Lodya attack ships stuck on each other unable to move

I converted two Lodya fishing ships to attack ships and when trying to move them as a group they repeatedly got stuck on one another and wouldn’t move at all or wouldn’t move for several seconds. Moving them one at a time would unstick them after a brief delay.

The problem was only with these two, other attack ships both converted and newly made didn’t do this as far as I saw.

In this video I’m spamming move commands but it also happened when I gave one command and waited.

This is a replay so you can’t see the move commands but you can see them start jittering on each other and rowing in place for a while trying to move.


I had the same issue recently when I converted lodya fishing ships to attack ships, it nearly cost me my game. Glad to know I’m not the only one with this problem.

Yes RUS attack ships are super buggy. They also randomly start to have the same behaviour again ( of being stuck in a place). Imagine u convert 10 boats get them all unstuck, move them to enemy base and 30sec later u see that half of them got stuck again on the way.

Sometimes even happens in the fight. Please fix this.

Right now only way to play RUS water decent is demo ships.

Thanks for the bug report all! I’ve logged this so we can start tracking internally. Appreciate it!