Lombard inversion bug

I wanted to present a bug, which shows that it is abused in competitive mode and that is, when I select all the lombards and invest 300 of any resources, it only deducts 300 from my inventory, but all the lombards are affected transforming the 300 of investment in each one.


It is not a bug, that is its normal operation.


Is it normal that it only discounts the investment of a lombard, but applies to the rest?
The investment is individual per Lombard. Do not invest 300 and apply to all selected. This is a bug.

I have a question, do you understand that the amount of lombard does not affect the amount of resources obtained?

The lombard is explained, which invests 300 of any resource in ONE lobard and returns 150 and 150 of the other 2.
The bug is that investing 300 in ONE SINGLE LOMBARD, if I have selected all the built ones.

just what i expected, thanks :smile: :+1:

Yes, it is.

Since the investment data you see in every Lombards is the same thing.
The is still only 300 in your investment, and it is just revealed by every LB.

You only have 1 “bank account” and every LB reveals it and shares it. That means no matter you select 1,2,3 or more LBs, you are still investing the same account (so it means that you just invest 300 * 1 account instead of 300 * the number of LBs you select). Having more LBs just make you able to run out of investment faster and gain the pay back faster since there are more LBs doing the resource exchange.


Yeah thats not a bug, the lombards dont operate as individual investments but collectively, so if you have 2 lombards and invest 300, that pool of 300 is activating both lombards

It still returns the same amount of resources, it just does it twice as fast.

I thought it was individually as well until the game released

Unless you are claiming that 2 lombards are returning more then 300 resources, in which case you will need some evidence for that


The UIA Isn’t every helpful though. I realized the way it works when i understood that 5 lombards = about 1 factory worth of income.

This is by design :+1:

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