Hello I would like to bring something to your attention.
Map: Lombardia
I don’t have screen to support it cause I didnt think to take it but I will explain it as easy as I can.

Boar positioning needs to be fixed. Yesterday we lost ranked (well it doesn’t matter that much but I want to explain whole thing.) due to boar location.
He was in normal range from Town Center but he was behind forest close to map edge so there was only one way leading to boar and from my TC abd there was like 50 tiles way to get to it and then luring it back.
I had very much problems to find him there but when I did I decided i’ll send 12 vils to get him and bring food back. Imagine that when vils came through gate they were catched by scout rush and all of them died. Which lead us to quick lose :wink:

Fortunetly this doesn’t happen often but when it does… It does.

There are some solutions:
Have a scout or sheep to block the boar, so your vill get less hits. Or just do loom and you are probably save.

50 tiles is really long, i cant image that can happen. So it would great if you can share a picture.

Just another thought: at Lombardia you start really close to allies. Maybe your ally picked your boar and you had to take his boar. That might be a reason why it was a long boar lure from you.

Hey, thanks for answer I know these tricks and often use them. I decided to bring this subject up beacause it was ultra unfair and cost us lost game.
It is not possible that it was not my boar, as i was playing duo and my friend had his 2 boars :slight_smile:

Multiplayer games are recorded by default so you should be able to rewatch it as long as the game isn’t updated.

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Bad boar spawns shouldnt happen so I think the topic is valid.

Just wanted to point out that considering there is extra sheep in Lombardia and it wasnt even a lame, where opponent gain the extra food, I hardly believe one boar costed the game, especially in a TG.

You can lure it with the scout, costing you 2 hits on it. You could lure and use houses. You could farm earlier and mill the boar later on… Or you can ignore it. It puts you at a disadvantage (a small one) but I find it slightly dramatic to say it costed a TG.

Anyway, just wanted to advice to not allow this small things to disturb your gaming experience and adapt. Its a valuable lesson (even if unfair!).

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

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damn I thought u were overreacting :rofl:

But that is the worst boar positioning that I ever saw.


A little bit dramatic yes, but mainly due to i was looking for it and wasted much time as i thought there will be “only woods” in that place :smiley:

yikes, that is unlucky, but I think its part of the game

This seems really unlucky indeed. This is clearly your boar. Luring this boar would be really difficult.
I might even consider scout luring the boar, like you can also steal the boar of your enemy and bring it back to your TC.

Have you any idea how much this happens on this map? Once every games, once every 10 games, once every 100 games, …?

There’s even three deer right on the other side of the forest, as if to tease you. If they were on the same side you could mill the boar/deer and still be mostly okay, with a good switch into an easily wallable lumbercamp so those villagers don’t have to walk back.

This might honestly not be a pure Lombardia thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is something coming from a more general resource placement script. It looks like a hard bug to prevent. On Lombardia TC’s are a bit more likely to be “pushed” to the side of the map like this maybe though.

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If it makes you feel better its not that far away from your tc. You just got screwed by the forest placement. It would have been a killer spot to start a lumber camp then close off with a house

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