Long bow has longer range than towers

no one thinks thats a problem ?

what if i put a longbow man into a tower ? he will get shorter range inside of tower ? lol

english players ?


decreases the length but increases the armor, the tower provides the enemies not to be able to kill the military and if you know in age4 you can put everything in the towers, even the elephants, this serves not to make op the towers, because if it were like a long arch, everyone would make tower rush

This game makes no sense at all have you not figure it out yet? Their updates are straight up rando changes that either work or at most break the game.

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Clearly you haven’t played the game in a while

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i just got 2 consective win with english valliger rush in dimond rank.

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It is a problem.
Towers should have same range as Longbows. They used to have it before.
But it was to strong due to tower rush tactic.

But I don’t see the issue of reimplementing their range back to longbowman range now with the recent nerf on the towers health.