Long time bugs

  1. Cuman speed bonus hits in the Feudal Age, almost at the same time as natural speed boost of Scout Cavalry. Depending on which is applied first, it may or may not be the full 10% effect. I request the speed boost of Scout Cavalry be changed from +0.35 to ×1.291666. the effect of the bug is limited to scout cavalry only.

  2. Battering Ram bug: apparently you cannot modify the any attribute of Battering Ram in Scenario Editor. You can modify Capped Ram and Siege Ram. The reason for this is that there are 2 versions of battering rams (identical), but the one visible in the editor is different from the one available in the workshop.

  3. Fire Ship and Demolition Ship bug (it is a single bug): As you all know these units are not available directly. You have to research War Galley. The cost of War Galley upgrade is bugged and it shows that it costs 500F 500G in the description of these 2 units.

  4. Krepost +2 attack: I suggest it only for behind the scene mechanics. Kreposts and Castles fire the same arrows. Primary projectiles have attack of the unit, secondary projectiles have their own attack. 4 to 20 2ndary projectiles of Krepost have 11 base attack, while the 1 Primary projectile has 9 base attack, which causes a confusion for those who don’t know this mechanic.

  5. Byzantine Watch Towers HP: Watch towers gain +320 HP in Castle Age but the Byzantine bonus of +30% HP does not work correctly. The obvious mathematical reason is that the result depends on the order of operations when multiplication and additional are applied together. Due to this, Byzantine Watch Towers functionally have 967 HP since Castle Age. An easy fix would be change the +320 HP boost to ×1.45

  6. Byzantine Siege Workshop HP: Similar to Watch Towers. Introduced due to Cumans having Siege Workshop in Feudal Age. Better create a Feudal Age workshop building, which upgrades to Castle Age workshop etc.

  7. Anarchy bug: When forcing Anarchy on a non-goth player (scenario editor), it does not work. It is because Anarchy and the Barracks Huskarls technology are different.

  8. Visual bugs in tech tree: Elite Huskarl at Barracks and Elite Tarkans at stable show that you need the unique technology to unlock them. While it is partially correct, they need Elite Huskarl/Elite Tarkan upgrade at Castle too. The same holds for Elite Konniks at Kreposts and Elite Serjeants at Donjons.

→ Moreover, I would remove the Unique technology requirements of Elite Huskarl and Elite Tarkan, because we have unlocked its predecessor by the technology itself. Elite Cannon Galleon doesn’t show Chemistry as a requirement, simply because Cannon Galleon has been unlocked by Chemistry itself.

My other concerns:

  1. Goths: +10 population space hits in the Dark Age itself. It won’t have much of an effect on standard RM/EW games.

Chinese bug: if you queue technologies while aging up, you will miss out on the cheaper techs. You need to wait until you reached the next age before adding these to your queue.

It is the same with Supplies and queuing Militia. If you research Supplies while already queuing 10 Militia, all those Militia will be full price even after Supplies has been researched. You need to de-queue all of them and then re-queue them to get the cheaper price.

More logical: you have to pay full price to add them to the queue, but once Supplies has been researched, the resources you spent too much are added back to your stockpile.

Actually that’s intentional and has been with DE. In HD multi-queue wasn’t allowed.

When DE released, and as you mentioned you queued Militia while researching Supplies, and cancelled after Supplies was researched, you would get back 45F 20G. The devs changed it so that the game stores initial cost.

It is a general limitation, not a Chinese or Supplies bug. You can try queueing Indian villagers after starting Feudal Age research, queuing Crossbowmen as Mayans after starting Imperial Age, etc.

As for a simple explanation, one can exploit it by starting a research, queueing units and cancelling the research.