Long time, no siege

aoe fam-
back in the saddle with the new xbox release and pumped about the community, new civs, and meta. its def been a while! 11

started playing age of kings online prior to the msn gaming zone going defunct, witnessed the empires legacy scam thereafter, and experienced the death of matchmaking -a sad period in age of empires 2 history.

back in the aok/aoc days custom scenarios were extremely popular. was a great time with the community generating fresh game styles, i even postulate the unit micro we all still use was originally mastered in custom scenario matchmaking. community favorites were soldier store, archers advance, archers blood, blacksmith blood, small blood, winter blood, infantry blood, and regretfully CBA/CBT, among others. still remember some of the scenario legends: j3rk, woc, perfect, gnom3, gleich, nQ, soma. i even made center blood as a kiddo, was stoked to see it in the certified voobly map pack years back. from what i’ve noticed (on console) is we only have the ability to play random map or the new empire wars variant. here to ask if custom scenarios will be implemented into this version of AoE II? it is the Definitive Edition, after all :smiley:

og FaMouS2 is plugged in as well. our dark and feudal is solid but we’re getting trashed late game. the new civs and balance is great and we look forward to getting increasingly competitive.

see you out there!


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Oh custom scenarios are not available on Xbox yet. Not sure if they plan to add them.

The PC version has them.

All these custom scenarios are fan made and not part of the base. They never were. You can probably still find some rooms in the lobbies.

No you can’t on Xbox.

correct. interesting to me due to the volume of scenario players on zone compared to rm/dm. quite sure aok/aoc scenario players outnumbered rm ~3:1.

we purchased de on pc as well but are extremely impressed with the keyboard/mouse integration on xbox. esp considering the graphics and late gameplay hold up well on a $240 xbox series s. i may even prefer the console interface tbh, cleaner, but having significant stability issues since last week

sensing cs integration may not be on devs’ xbox roadmap - hoping that point is reconsidered because the longterm cash flow from this franchise is probably in the xbox subscription model.

Buying the game on the Microsoft store allows you to play on both Platforms.

But I think we all agree that this feature needs to be added to the Xbox version too even if the Editor itself is not ported over.

The Xbox version already has a mod section but you can’t install additional mods yet.

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