Longbow attack speed bug - Network of Castle/Citadels

The longbow’s base attack time is 1.62s (which I even tested to confirm. Indeed this is the actual time).

Bug description:

  1. With Network of Castles (15% attack speed) the attack time should become 1.62/1.15~1.4087 say 1.4 . The tooltip shows 1.37 and it is not a visual bug, I actually measured 1.37s (e.g I got 186 attacks in 255 seconds, 255/186~1.371).

  2. With the Network of Citadels upgrade (30% Attack speed), the longbow is supposed to have an attack time of 1.62/1.3 which is roughly 1.246. Indeed, I actually measured an attack speed super close to this number but the UI value shown is 1.29. This part is a tooltip bug

The following table summarizes the situation. Blue numbers are the ones with no problems while the red ones correspond to bugs.

longbow AS bugs

Thanks @ProtossAMove! if I recall correctly the functional attack speed is essentially correct despite how it may appear. There is a bug here that is unlikely to be fixed any time soon that has to do with how the values and the animations play with each other. But as far as balance, consider them correct. I will definitely note that this bug was noticed though, which always helps when we rank our bugs to fix :+1:.