Longer Feudal Age

It would too crazy that Castle age tech be more expensive or take double time to research?


Yes it will be crazy and boring because feudal age itself is so boring and useless, and why do you want to change a main mechanic like ages times in the game?!

No, i’d like that. Maybe not double time, but like 40% more time or 20 % cost would be fine.

Disagree, full feudal war is very intersting, unfortunately the castle age powerspike is just too strong atm.
The Castle Age is just overloaded: biggest military powerspike, siege, extra tcs and castles. It’s too much for the up cost + time imo.


Disagree to everything you said

No way. There are certain things in aoe 2 that are untouchable. Just no way

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In the end we both state the same, the castle age has much more to it than the feudal.

Maybe we should go the other way around, making feudal a bit more “interesting”. What would it need to make it a viable and interesting strat to go full feudal instead of fc?

Siege? More Units? More utilty melee units? Univrsity techs?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to break fast castle, just make it finally viable in some situations to go full feudal instead to punish too greedy fc play. It would widen the options you have and make the game more interesting. Atm it feels almost impossible to punish greedy fast castle strats, its too strong meta imo.

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I feel the actual meta do not “exploit” the feudal age in all its potential, like Castle age…
I disagree that Feudal age is not interesting… An a micro level it is very interesting and fun in a different way that Castle age… That’s a taste issue
It is not break the mechanic, not overreact please, is just a tweak, in time or cost, like said @casusincorrabil

No man, fast castle right now is very rare to see and very hard to happen especially after the last changes upon walls and Arabia. There are already some civs now have good all-in feudal rush like Incas, Magyars, Bulgarians, Goths, Saracens, etc. Actually AOE1 have what you said. Aoe1 tool age all in rushes are very common

Feudal age is weak age, you can’t finish a game in feudal age else if you have some good all-in bonuses like Incas trush, persians tc drop, Bulgarians blacksmith, Magyars all-on scouts, Saracens market all-in feudal push and so on.

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I like the current balance of risking making fewer military units to go fast castle vs making many military units to punish an opponent’s fast castle. It keeps the game interesting.

I like too, just feel the current balance prize the speculation over the action…

The current meta promotes Fast castle builds. The time of full feudal wars are long gone. Years ago. People figured out the meta and improved the meta. Playing defensive with just some walls is much stronger then some full feudal builds. Walls are pretty strong in feudal age, so just using walls and buildings as walls is a pretty good defense in this game. We figure this out in the last 21 years. I wont mind seeing more extented feudal wars, but making techs in castle age doesnt seems the way to go for me. It wont really tackle the roots of the issue at all.

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Add siege in feudal, just the básic ram, that could be a threat for all wallers and FC strategy, but You Will need a huge investment in feudal… cumans could have ram upgrades for free

Maybe just with “forcing” more time in Feudal (with more time research) would do upgrading man at arms with arson worth it, instead of rams in Feudal

I also think the tweaking of the upgrade could work. But I would still like scouts sniping wall builders and maa/arson stronger vs defences.

If the battered ram would be available for everybody, Cumans could get catapult, a weaker version of the mangonel. Atm you rarely see cuman feudal siege due it’s usually not worth it. But maybe it would be worth if there are other tweaks to the feudal age like the slighter longer uptime.

This is the kind of topic I look at and can just wonder “Why is this a thing” Like it’s so out of the blue and there isn’t even a justification for why anyone would want that.

…You wouldn’t get it…

Your ideas are beyond what my mortal soul can handle I suppose?

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Maybe they can add a mode like marathon setting from the civ series where all the techs are much slower and more expensive so we can spend an hour in each age 11

that’s called 0 ressource start on slow speed