Longtime AOE3 Fan, What I Think Can Be Approved On For AOE4

Age Of Empires 3 was one of my favorite games ever made, I hope the best to these developers and have some suggestions for them.
1.The base building in this game allowed for people to create city’s, outpost, and mining outpost; however, I personally felt that the walls and towers did not integrate correctly with any AI difficulty.
Building a rat nest was nearly indestructible because the AI would just follow the single wall line while your towers slowly killed even the largest army.
2.The walls in this game were kind of wonky with placements, I think some sort of either different types of walls with traps/fortifications or an defensive position that is activated with settlers or an special type of unit.
3. The DLC were major disappointments to me and several friends who enjoy strategy games. First Off The DLC changes the UI and completely kills the feeling for me, its not that I dislike the changes to an UI with the release of an DLC but the newer UI looked even worse than its predecessor of the base game.
4. The campaign of the DLC was actually much better than that of the base game, it brought different types of game play with the rice fields and fire pits along with new cultures. However again it felt like a different game when playing against the base “modified empires” the DLC empires have completely different feelings, and honestly could have and would have been better if the base “modified empires” were disabled when playing with the DLC activated.
5. The start of any game of Age Of Empires 3 perfectly times how long you should be farming/attacking/and defending is timed perfectly and should not be changed at all.
6. The simplicity of resources wood/gold/stone was balanced very fairly “Hussars felt a little to expensive for their counter-ability” However maybe tone down the amount of gold/silver mines available and make more utilization of the market.
7. More maps, or some sort of procedural generation for more re-playability, I was burnt out of the maps after playing 2-5 times. Maybe some sort of steam workshop and an map creator like hammer for source or planetary annihilation’s planet creator.

Will continue in more detail but I am tired right now.
Also sorry for obliterating the English Language, have not slept in a good while.