Look at this wallpaper

Is this a mistake?

Look at the Wallpapers section on Ageofempires.com and select Aoe4. You’ll see this wallpaper. It could be a clue about setting?

I was going to say “Well, the file does have age of empires definitive edition in its name and it looks sort of similar in art style to the pictures in the aoe1 section. So it could be some sort of misfile, spilled over from having more wallpapers than the site is programmed for or something.” But then I noticed that the one on the actual age of empires site itself actually has a different file name:

It still sits in a folder/collection named “aoe”, but so do the wallpapers for the other games. There are also way more wallpapers for aoe2 than for aoe1, so that lowers the chances of some sort of weird website bug that placed it in the next category. It also misses a logo, something many of the other wallpapers have. To top it off the image looks a lot like Romans in Northern (or Eastern) Europe judging by the trees, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it was inspired by the opening scenes of Gladiator. Aoe1 never went there. (Although funnily enough my wololo wednesday entry for this month was inspired by this kind of setting, hooray for coincidence.)

It’s too early to tell, but since my money was on the classical age (until roughly 600, starting point anywhere between -1200 and -600) I am getting pretty hyped at this. It’s an era that Rise of Rome touched on enough to block it as an option back in the day, but not anymore. The developers have stated that they think one of the reasons aoe3 wasn’t quite as big a hit was that the period isn’t very popular in media and such, and the classical era is definitely popular. I’ll be counting this wallpaper as one more argument that this is where they might be going. And it also might mean a big reveal is near.

Good find. I’d upvote you twice if I could.

Sounds too good to be true…
Its the perfect timeline for AoE4!

Tomorrow we could hear more infos, maybe RELIC Will be presente ti GDC 2018. Cross fingers

You guys… lol

It was wallpaper art made for AoE:DE

ah that joy didn’t last long lol

Someone always has to ruin the hype.

I think the fans really need at least 2 decent screenshots of aoe4 around E3 or gamescom 2018. No trailers or artwork without the aoe4 engine itself.