Looking for Co-op VS A.I. Partners

Hey all, I’m looking for partners to play coop vs AI with.

I like taking my time to build up a solid defense and big army before attacking. Hard or Hardest AI preferred. Will be working on Masteries on the side. Discord voice chat would be great, but not a deal-breaker. Flexible with my hours.


I could work on my late game Vs hardest more, I’ve mastered beating them with early aggression but mid/late game I really struggle against the multi pronged attacks. Hopefully could improve my apm.
How much more do you need on masteries? There’sa cheese guide to finish them but I did it legit so I would improve

The hardest for me was Delhi vs hardest, back when they still had so many problems, and getting 30 cavalry kills with camels since ai completely stop building cavalry if you have a single camel on the field

Sweet, let’s play. I’m working on my Abbasid masteries now. Then only have Rus, HRE, and Mongols left. What’s your Steam code?

I’m on game pass, username wilsonac2
Should pop up in aoe4. What’s your aoe4 username?

I’ve just added you.