Looking for players of Bosnian origin for Nations Cup

Hi. Looking for players that live in Bosnia, or players that live abroad in another country but have Bosnian parents or passport (as per the rules of nations cup).

I am looking to form a Bosnian team to sign up for the upcoming big Nations Cup 4v4 tournament.

We currently have about 8 bosnian players that would be willing to sign up and our 1v1 elos are 1850, 1700, two 1600s, two 1400s, two 1300s.

Anyone interested to play can contact me here or on discord harooooo#1624.

P.S. In addition to that we also have a Balkan discord for all Age of empires players from Balkan / Ex-Yugoslavia (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia…) where we gather and play teamgames.