Looking for the Age of Mythology Alpha 1 Preview March 2002 Build

Years ago I managed to get a hold of digital copies from an AoMH Veteran that were of the Multiplayer Alpha and Marketing Beta. The MP Alpha was single handily the most important find for AoM due to it containing a lot of remnants from early versions of AoM, such as language texts, textures and models (including the famous Apep) by now it has been dug out, and well that’s that.

However it has come to my attention there is another, limited release Alpha from March, likely dated to Jan or Feb 2002 (and likely the one shown in Gamestar’s video here: GS 2002/02 - Age of Mythology Preview - YouTube) called the Alpha 1 Preview. It was likely some sort of closed beta to certain individuals and companies.

I’m posting a notice here, so people are aware of it’s existence, and can help track or contact someone they know who has it.

How do you have proof this beta exists? https://i.imgur.com/ggBjbB9.png (From the Multiplayer Alpha Readme file) and this: https://i.imgur.com/U94d20S.jpeg (A picture taken of the Alpha 1 Preview CDs shown at the top above the MP Alpha CDs, I tried to contact the guy a couple of times; zilch)

So why is it important? Age of Mythology hasn’t got a whole lot of alpha builds (despite what people say, the betas were post MP Alpha since they were feature/design complete but not asset/balance complete, blame Phatfish for that misunderstanding) in contrast we have a lot of important builds about AoE1 and AoE2, as this semi-public alpha build is important AoM history, it is integral to find for the community, archiving and a looking glass into the development of the best Age of game.

I was going to post a bounty for it, but unfortunately it’s Not for Resale software, and I don’t need Bill Gate’s goombahs with HK416s, and crack lawyers knocking down my door, so if anyone can find or verify the build: You can keep the CD, I only need the files within the CD to make any demonstration of history possible. If you have it, all you need to do is Message me on Reddit or comment below:

  1. A High Def physical picture of the CD itself, and pictures verification that the CD is in suitable condition (little or not scratches, dirt, etc)
  2. High Def Computer screenshots of the .CAB files with the dates/sizes of the .CAB files, and it’s contents, as well as screenshots of the readmes and manuals and definitely gameplay images if possible.

Once it’s confirmed you have the build and I can safely believe you have it, I’ll ask and all you have to do afterwards is message me a .zip or .rar file of the CD’s contents in a private Mediafire link (or safe file sharing site)

Once I can find/get the Alpha 1 version, I will post a no-commentary video of the entire thing, as well as a text file/screenshots of findings/information of what the Alpha contains. I can’t promise any material from the CD/s will be posted anywhere due to legality issues, and that humdrum. Until then happy hunting.


You can find both versions you are looking for in the Beta Archive FTP iirc.
I had them in the past but i no remember if i still have the copies somewhere.
Good luck.

Fortunately I’ve already gotten access to those builds (Multplayer Alpha, July 02 Build and Marketing Beta, September Build) this is about the much earlier closed March 2002 build that I am looking for.

I always ask myself: Why do people think it’s a beta version of AoE1 and AoE2 - Can be published freely online? And it’s okay! No one has yet been punished for publishing them.
The AoM betas also free, I recently saw the “Titans Marketing Beta” - appeared in the beta archive!
With AoE3 betas have a complete sadness, no one wants to share even for money.
Why such thick double standards??? Alpha and Beta versions must be accessible to the public. There is nothing to worry about for the developer and publisher. Otherwise it is discrimination.
If I buy a CD copy for money or with the condition not to distribute it because the owner wishes so, I will keep my word! I understand this exception! But my question refers to disc owners who do not want to share with absolutely anyone!

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The people with the CDs are still bound to the NDA from back then.
The betas from age1 and 2 should also never have been shared.

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Sorry, but you are exaggerating with your conclusions. What bad happened from the fact that the AoE1 and 2 betas were shared long ago? My conclusion - is no deal for Microsoft and AoE developers. It is very old abandonware games, and the NDA is no longer valid.
But I agree to the fact that if the owner of the disk gave me a copy with the condition NOT to distribute - in this case I will not harm. Ok, don’t share to public, but share it for me. I always keep my word!
I am disappointed by the fact that there are disc owners who consider themselves the chosen ones (a.k.a. PhatFish), and will not share under any circumstances, even for money. This creates a discrimination from a common sense point of view.

The games are still being sold, even if it’s the DE , they do not count as abandonware


Everything this fatfish have, you will find already uploaded in the internet, there are mass of AOE 1+2 alpha and betas online.

Not all… for example - AoE2 and AoM Marketing Gold

I’ve never heard about Gold editions had marketing betas, for what, they are the exact same game as the others, just a pack with the expansions.

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