Looking for Xbox Live players to play 3v3 4v4 random regular maps in the lobby

I am looking for 3v3/4v4 team game players who want to play various Land/Hybrid/Water regular maps (any map starting with 1 TC + 1 scout + 3 villagers + civ bonuses).

The map pool is like this:

|f you are interested and bought this game on MS store, please sand a message to me. I will add you on Xbox Live. When I host a random regular maps game in the lobby, I will try to invite you, and you can accept when you are very free and want to play some random regular maps game too. You can ignore it if you don’t want to join at that moment. And If you don’t want to receive invitationn any more, feel free to remove me anytime. I just want to build a players list so I can invite people to shorten the waiting time.

I am a intermediate random team game players with about 17xx~18xx team elo. I am definitely not good, but still know a little game basics. No matter you are also a lower player who want some practices or challenge, or a pro/smurf who want a relaxed game or test a new meta, if you are interested in playing various regular maps and bought this game on Xbox Live, please sand me a message.

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i suppose there is a app for all sorts of game players to chat and invite each other to play together, is it? not so sure about that. In addition to the post here, maybe you can find players you want there

Do you mean Discord? I have not used this before because It is embarrassing to chat with microphone for me…

Hey, don’t be embarrassed about your voice. We all sound weird! Anyway, I bought the game in steam, but I like what you propose. So id yoj are interested, let me know

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come on, hope you can find some! :grinning:

I didn’t use my PC today. I will leave a message again once I figure out how to use Discord. :sweat_smile:

You can add me through Xbox app (Xbox Console Companion) first anyway. It should be available to everyone using Win 10. Even you don’t have this game on MS store, I can still send message to inform you when I host a game in the lobby.

lol, i now play with AI more. don’t want to play PvP. If you are interested with ai, you can play it with me. I’ll add you now.

I seem not able to add you, don’t know why