Looks like Malians may be our most unique civ so far

Looks like Malians may be our most unique civ so far.

In the Gamescom interview they stated that all of the Malian units are unique except for their archers, and their archers get a unique tech giving them poison arrows with damage over time so they’re pretty unique anyway.

There was no discussion about their siege units though so they may not have been including those in that statement.

Still, I think it’s great to see them branching out a bit more with new civs, adding new units and new mechanics.

Malians have stealth abilities, damage over time, no heavy armored units, etc…


In the trailer you can see the mali army fielding siege towers and rams and i think? A treb; and if they got those then they’ll at least have springalds or something that give that functionality

Yeah you’re right, so their siege is likely standard.

No doubt about it, for me AoE4 starts on Oct 25. Perfect design decision with Mali. I just hope they go bold and make novel civ-unique mechanics mainstream gameplay, not a fringe situational rarity.

It’s funny to see just how similar it is to the African Royals DLC.


Exactly the same as HRE with only 1 unique unit and q unique monk :smile:

si eso es muy cierto xd, aunque espero que mali no salga igual de rota que hausa y etiopia en su momento

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Huh? What are you talking about?

Thank god. If true, I’ll be installing for the first time in more than a year. Will be glad to finally come home.

Edit: siege is the same boring claptrap? Oof

It will be at least for now…

In fact it is xd… the Malians of aoe 4 are a copy of the Malians of aoe 2 and of the Hausa (the cattle market) and of the Ethiopians (the mountain monasteries) of aoe 3…

Foquitamann dijo que podrían salir muy rotos al menos de primeras…

The landsquenete and the prelate

Yes, I reinstalled it again on steam after months of not playing it (since April) and I saw that they put two new armies in the Palace of Wynguard xd…

Looks like Malians may be our most unique civ so far

Key word here is "so far". They’ve shattered the mental shackles, future is bright.

I don’t remember what the palace of wyngard is and do not intend to find out. Those civs are not joyful for me. But from context is that that one of the landmarks that trains the same units as other buildings in the civ? Those broke my heart. They crept right up to making landmarks interesting and then pasted the same stuff from other parts of the same cookie cutter civs. Mali is my hope.

I know what they have, I just don’t understand the point of his comment.

Is the palace to advance to imperial that allowed to create compound armies like the Chinese of aoe 3…Wynguard Palace | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

By the unique units of the HRE…