Looks like NEW games are now banned in China

Not anymore than 3 hours by day are allowed there but new games are prohibited until the government allows it again. It’s time to give us a new DLC with Tibetans and anything that would annoy them, if this ban goes on, don’t matter how they would react to.


Tibet Civ and Uyghur Civ would be cool…


If China holds to its ban on new online games, perhaps devs could start designing more freely and add skeletons etc in games again. Im sick of China being able to dictate art like movies and games bc of their gatekeeping of the Chinese market. If they opt out completely, it could be good for the industry.

To be clear, I don’t agree with China restricting their citizens like this. Honestly, I hope more extreme laws like this ultimately leads to pushback and a retraction of such bans


Probably was only a threat