Looping background music in custom scenarios

I’m trying to convert some older but great campaigns from the AoK and Conquerors heydays from AoKH. A lot of them used custom background music. Now as some of you may know, in the original AoK, Conquerors, and the HD edition, to loop custom background music files, you’d have to instruct the player beforehand to use a certain speed for gameplay, know the number of in-game seconds it takes for your custom background music to finish, use that as a timer for the loop, AND hope that the player never pauses the game if you want a perfect loop.

It was very clunky and could be easily fixed: just code the game to only have one instance of the same sound running at a given time, loop that trigger, and voila - no more overlaps, no need for a timer, and perfect loops every time. I thought DE would have had an elegant solution.

I was wrong.

PLEASE add a new effect that lets you modify background music in scenarios that you can loop without having to calculate a timer value or even better, allow the adding of a background music playlist in scenarios that you can also loop.

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